All Over Frenchie Snowsuit- French Bulldog Jumpsuit

Does your dog love to dig, roll, and jump in the snow? If your little Frenchie acts like a child and enjoys playing in powdery slopes in his neighborhood, then it’s high time to think about how to protect him on cold days. All Over Frenchie Snowsuit provides total support in those icy weather and will keep your pooch safe from hypothermia. French bulldog jumpsuit covers a large part of your dog’s body, and it works as a thermal and water-resistant layer that will keep his fur dry.

french bulldog jumpsuit

Why you should choose All Over Frenchie Snowsuit for your pet?

By taking your French bulldog outside without clothes in the cold weather, you put his health at risk. These little batpigs have to wear warm layers that will help them maintain their body temperature in optimal ranges. Since their flat muzzles are incapable to warm up the air they breathe in, we can help them by creating a warm layer around their bodies.

  • Keeps the dog’s coat dry

There is nothing worse than realizing that your dog got wet during a winter stroll. That’s why our suggestion is to use French bulldog jumpsuits because they cover a large area of your dog’s body. All Over Frenchie Snowsuit features a water-resistant outer layer, while the inner layer is padded with warm fleece. It also has a hood that is decorated with faux fur.

  • Integrated D-ring to attach the leash

This French bulldog jumpsuit has a sewn D-ring on the back, so you can take your dog outside without using a harness. You won’t need to use a French bulldog harness, because the jumpsuit already provides support to your pet’s whole body.

french bulldog jumpsuit

  • Attractive patterns

This piece of French bulldog’s clothing is decorated with lovely Frenchie heads. It is available in 2 colors, and ribbed and elastic cuffs will keep the sleeves in a good place.

  • Maintenance

You can wash this French bulldog jumpsuit in mild water with detergent. The nylon shell fabric features quality prints and colors which won’t fade even after many washes.