Windbreaker Reflective French Bulldog Vest

Every Frenchie owner wants to make his dog safe and protected when going outside in windy and rainy weather. Windbreaker Reflective French Bulldog Vest is specially made to respond to harsh weather conditions by keeping your pet’s fur dry.

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Why we love Windbreaker Reflective French Bulldog Vest?

Water-resistant fabric

Keeping the French bulldog’s coat dry is of high importance because these cute gremlins are prone to hypothermia and catching a cold. This French bulldog vest will keep your pup flexible, comfortable, and warm. Thanks to a special coating, this fabric doesn’t allow water to breach and make your dog wet.

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The windproof fabric will keep your dog safe and snug when going on strolls in windy weather conditions. Windbreaker vests let your dog stay warm and it’s constructed with a soft fleece fabric on the inside. We don’t know when the weather conditions will surprise us, so it’s always advisable to make your dog snug and protected in a windbreaker jacket or vest.

Attractive Design and reflective parts

The cute sporty design is unisex, so it can find the place in every Frenchie’s closet. The silver color provides a shiny effect when the car light collides with the vest, while the neon green edges improve the dog’s visibility. There is also a Velcro strap that goes around the belly that allows you to set the size according to your Frenchie’s belly circumference.

High collar

The high collar on the Windbreaker Reflective French Bulldog Vest is carefully designed to suit the necks of these cute gremlins. The turtle neckline provides better protection from wind and rain and keeps your pooch warm. The collar also features an adjustable string that helps you fully protect your dog’s neck from cold.

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