What Are The Best Picks Of French Bulldog Winter Jackets?

How many times have you seen your Frenchie shivering or raising one leg during walks? As the temperature drops, not only people but also our pets have to stay protected during inclement weather conditions. Since low temperatures can turn out to be fatal for your pooch, we decided to make a list of the best French bulldog winter jackets.

All picks have been tested on our Frenchies, so you can be sure your dog will enjoy wearing them.

Can French bulldogs catch a cold?

Like humans, any dog can catch a cold but there is nothing to worry about.

Even a Frenchie of good health and strong immunity can catch a cold, and recover in a short time. The good thing about it is that most dogs will come out of it without any severe consequences.

Factors that can cause colds in French bulldogs are:

– Genetic predisposition of the breed and increased susceptibility to infectious diseases;

– Weak immunity in puppies and older dogs;

– Hypothermia, which can occur if the dog has spent a long time in the cold, especially if its fur or skin is wet or if it has been exposed to ice-cold water;

– Contact with infected animals;

– Parasites that weaken the dog’s immunity, so they can indirectly cause a cold;

– Lack of physical activity makes the dog susceptible to all kinds of viruses;

– Accompanying diseases of dogs, such as heart diseases, allergies, and neoplasms in the respiratory tract and lungs can be the leading cause of the development of the virus that has entered the dog’s body.

To prevent your dog from feeling cold, it’s important to dress him/her in warm French bulldog jackets. They will feel more comfortable and relaxed when going on strolls by having a protective and warm layer over their bodies.

What are the best picks of French bulldog winter jackets?

Puffer French Bulldog Jumpsuit

Winter is finally here! And with all the snow, cold, and winter games, your pooch will need a new jacket. This French bulldog jumpsuit will be the best option for your batpig when you want to allow him/her to enjoy winter games and endless snowball fights. The turtle neckline is elastic and put with an important purpose- to protect your little gremlin’s neck from ice and snow. This suit is made for little doggies of all sizes and has everything your dog needs for a cozy wintertime.

french bulldog winter jackets

All Over Frenchie Snowsuit

Another pick of French bulldog winter jackets that will blow your mind is this adorable jumpsuit. It is padded with warm felt and made with water-repellent polyester to keep your furry friend’s fur dry when playing outside in wet weather. Choose between 2 gorgeous designs, and let your dog feel safe from hypothermia.

french bulldog winter jackets

Polar Fashion French Bulldog Jacket

In case you’re one of those dog owners who adore seeing your pet dressed as humans, then this French bulldog winter jacket should become a must-have item in your pet’s closet.

The glossy and water-repellent outer fabric and fashionable emblem will make a fashion statement in your neighborhood, while the warm lining is perfect for cold winter days.

french bulldog winter jacket

Designer Reflective French Bulldog Jacket

This Frenchie winter jacket will put your little gremlin in the center of attention wherever paws in. We are sure you’ll love the hologram outer fabric because it will make your pooch visible especially in low-light conditions. If your little gremlin often feels cold when going outside, then this dog jacket is everything he needs during the winter months.
frenchie jacket

Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket

Just like us, our furry friends need protection against the cold. With this new design French bulldog winter jacket, you’ll never have to worry again about your precious pet getting cold. The button closure makes the dressing easy, while the hood with faux fur will give a touch of luxury to your pet’s outfit.
french bulldog jacket

Dino French Bulldog Vest

Are you bored of buying those basic-looking dog vests to make your furry friend comfy and snug in cold weather? This pick with dinosaur spikes on the back will add a dose of cuteness, while the sleeveless design allows your dog to wear it over comfy Frenchie hoodies and sweaters.

frenchie winter jacket

French Bulldog Biker Jacket

Let your dog look badass cute this winter season with one of the best-selling French bulldog winter jackets! Inspired by human fashion and padded with faux fur, this Montone dog jacket will be a conversation starter in your town!


80’s Retro Shiny Jacket

Shiny fabrics never go out of style, and we are quite sure your batpig will catch everyone’s eye when going on outdoor adventures. This jacket provides superior insolation and features a high cut that prevents your pet from having potty messes. Zipper closure is great for wriggly or uncooperative dogs, while the soft elastic hem and cuffs will keep every inch of the jacket in the right place.

frenchie winter jacket

Camo French Bulldog Harness Vest

When I doubt how to choose the best French bulldog winter jacket, choose a vest that features a high-quality harness on the back. This dog vest comes in 2 color combinations and comes with a zipper closure on the back for easy dressing. Since it’s made of waterproof polyester, it will withstand the wear and tear of being worn by a dog.

You’ll especially find useful the reflective sewing on the harness that serves to keep your dog visible in dark. In case you want to make your little gremlin feel extra warm, combine it with one of our French bulldog hoodies.

frenchie winter jacket