Waterproof French Bulldog Parka

Keeping a Frenchie warm and snug during the winter season is one of the most important rules every owner should stick to. As we all know, these cute little gremlins are incapable to regulate their body temperature without the help of clothes. That’s why we want to represent you with the Waterproof French bulldog parka. Made of special thermal fabric, it will provide full-body support to your little friend.

Why we love Waterproof French bulldog parka?

Taking the Frenchie outside in harsh weather conditions make him susceptible to hypothermia and dealing with frostbites. His thin coat, sensitive skin, and shortened muzzle make him incapable to regulate the body temperature. The Waterproof French bulldog parka sounds like one of the best solutions because it features waterproof nylon fabric on the outside, and warm polar filling on the inside.

Superior warmth

By dressing your little pup into the Waterproof French Bulldog Parka, your dog will feel a superior warmth like never before. Since the inner layer is made of 3 layers of fleece lining, there’s no way that the coldness will interfere with his strolls.

Besides, the outer layer is windproof and waterproof, so your Frenchie’s coat will stay dry even in snowy and rainy weather.

Perfect cut

The cut suits the French bulldog breed. That means that the length of the vest sits in the place where it should. It means that your dog won’t become messy when going to the toilet.

Besides, the neckline features a warm faux fur that will keep the neck warm and protected. It is wide enough not to restrict breathing or cause choking.

Easy to dress

Thanks to elastic bands that go around the dog’s hind legs, the Waterproof French bulldog parka will suit all types of activities. Your Frenchie will be able to clown around, roll in the grass and do all those crazy things that make your days better.

Reflective parts

Reflective stripes on the back serve to improve visibility. By wearing the Waterproof French bulldog parka, your dog will be safe when walking outside at night.

Easy maintenance

When this French bulldog jacket gets dirty, you can hand wash it in cold water. Twist it, and place it on a flat surface to become dry. Ironing is not needed.

Do French Bulldogs need a coat in the winter?

French bulldog should never go outside in cold weather without jacket. Such a practice can turn out to be be fatal for them. When choosing a winter jacket for a Frenchie, it’s important to find the one that is made of waterproof fabric. Besides, it should have a thick lining, and to have a wide and adjustable neckline. French bulldogs won’t feel comfortable to wear something that bother their breathing.

We also can’t escape mentioning that every dog should wear waterproof booties as well. Icy pavements, sharp and slippery terrains, and street salt can cause severe damage to your Frenchie’s paws