Watermelon French Bulldog Shirt And Skirt

The summer season is almost here, so you’d better prepare your pooch for the best part of the year! Since Frenchies have short and thin coats, they require wearing clothes throughout the year. By dressing your pooch into a lovely French bulldog shirt, you’ll prevent him/her from overheating and getting sunburns as well. That’s why we want to introduce you to the cutest pick for Frenchie ladies and gentlemen. Watermelon Soft Cotton Dog Vest and Skirt will add a distinctive difference to your dog’s outfit.

french bulldog shirt

Why We Love Watermelon French bulldog shirt and skirt?

Since it’s made of 100% breathable and lightweight cotton, your little gremlin will enjoy wearing our Watermelon French bulldog shirt and skirt. Emblazoned with summer and fresh pattern of juicy watermelon, your dog will surely attract everyone’s attention wherever he/she paws in.

Besides, this set represents a perfect pick for those dog owners who own both a male and a female Frenchie. Just imagine how would your pets look like this summer season when going to strolls or spending time on the beach.

french bulldog shirt


Aside from these facts, it’s essential to mention that your dog won’t feel warm while wearing these pieces of French bulldog clothing. They will serve as a great protection against harmful sun rays that can cause sunburns, redness, and itchy skin.

Besides, Frenchies are known for their tendency to suffer from environmental allergies. Seasonal pollen, dust, and dirt can be only some of the causes of developing bumps and blisters. That’s why we recommend you dress your dog into this lovely Watermelon French bulldog shirt or skirt. The skirt for ladies is decorated with flounces, and the high cut will prevent her from potty messes.

The edges are padded and double-sewn to prevent cuts and to fit snugly around the dog’s armpits. The neckline is wide enough, so it won’t restrict the dog’s breathing.

On the other hand, a male t-shirt features short sleeves and neckline in black color. It is not only stylish but it also represents a perfect pick to keep the French bulldog shedding under control.

What else to use to protect a French bulldog in the hot weather?

Aside from the previously mentioned French bulldog shirt, we also advise you to use the following French Bulldog Summer Cooling Jacket.

It is made of breathable mesh and the cute backpack serves as a cooler that will protect your Frenchie from heatstroke. The backpack features cooling gel packs that should be placed in the fridge for an hour. Before you go outside, make sure you put them in the backpack, and your Frenchie will get the over needed protection against the hot weather.


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