Waistpack Striped Summer Frenchie T-shirt

Get ready for endless summer adventures! Although your Frenchie shouldn’t spend plenty of time outside in the summer, he/she can still enjoy relaxing strolls in the coolest parts of the day. Wearing protective clothing and using summer-cooling items will help your little gremlin stay safe during summer. Waistpack Striped Summer Frenchie T-shirt is specially created to celebrate sunny days and make your pet comfy and stylish.

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Why do French bulldogs have to wear clothes in the summer?

When we say ‘wearing clothes’, we think about wearing protective and lightweight clothes that will keep your pet safe from UV rays. Unlike other dogs, French bulldogs have a one-layered coats that make them prone to environmental allergies. Just like humans, our dogs can also develop an allergic reaction to the sun that is followed by skin itchiness, redness, and sneezing.

French bulldogs who suffer from dermatitis and other similar skin condition should especially wear clothes. In that way, they keep their skin free of dust, dirt, and seasonal pollen that is known as one of the biggest allergy triggers.
Summer clothes for your French bulldog should be made of lightweight and breathable fabrics. Your dog needs to get adequate skin ventilation, so wearing cotton and linen fabrics represent the best choice. 

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Another type of clothes that your pooch can wear during the summer season is made of special UV fabrics. Cooling shirts and vests are often made of mesh and similar fabrics that should be worn wet so your dog can get a pleasant cooling effect.

Cooling clothes are must-have items for French bulldogs because they are on a higher tendency to get a heat stroke. Their brachycephalic skulls can’t cool the air they inhale because they have the same amount of tissues as dogs with standard muzzles. This feature also makes them breathe harder when being exposed to great physical exertions.

Why we love Waistpack Striped Summer Frenchie T-shirt?

This adorable French bulldog shirt is available in 2 colors and it’s made of 100% cotton. The neckline is padded with ribbed cotton to improve stretchability.

There is also an elastic band on the belly to prevent discomfort when going to the potty and keep the cut in the right place.

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A lovely mesh waistpack is attached with a strap that features buttons. The waistpack is practical to put your dog’s snacks, and potty bags and even to add a cooling gel pad in case you want to provide your Frenchie with a pleasant cooling effect.
The cooling pads are very easy to use since you only have to cool down the pad in the fridge and then use it as a cold compress. That’s how your little gremlin will have a pleasant feeling while walking in hot weather. The Waistpack Striped Summer Frenchie T-shirt is both machine and handwashable and ironing is not necessary.

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