Vintage Leather French Bulldog Jacket

The Secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear. That’s why you need to wisely choose pieces of clothing for your little gremlin. French bulldogs are one of a kind so they don’t deserve to wear boring and ordinary-looking clothes. Vintage Leather French Bulldog Jacket is created with plenty of love for these batpigs because we all know how much you care for your dog’s comfort and style.

Why we love Vintage Leather French Bulldog Jacket?

Life isn’t perfect but your dog’s outfit can be! With the help of this Vintage Leather French Bulldog Jacket, your dog will look stylish and ready for outdoor adventures. The inner side features a faux fuzzy sheep fur, while the outside layer is available in 2 patterns.

Cruelty-free item

The first pattern is inspired by human’s coats, while the second one has been emblazoned with plaid print. For both jackets, we’ve used a faux nubuck leather that looks like a sort of natural leather. Since we care for animals, we strictly forbid using their natural fur and skin in our products.

Warm fabric

One of the most common concerns of Frenchie owners is to keep them safe in cold weather. Their cute smushed muzzles make them incapable to regulate their temperature, so that’s why it shouldn’t be allowed to take these pooches outdoor without clothes. Clothes will help them keep their body temperature in optimal ranges, and thanks to this faux sheep fur, your dog will get an extra layer on cold days

Perfect cut

The cut is tailored to suit the bodies of French bulldogs. The length perfectly fits every inch, so there won’t be any sort of discomfort. If you want your pet to wear it over a hoodie or a sweater we suggest you choose a larger size.


Stylish and eye-catchy

One of the best investments you can make in your dog’s wardrobe is the French bulldog jacket equipped with the essential features to beat the coldest days. Besides, the details,
pattern, and colors also play an important role when we talk about your dog’s
style. That’s why this Frenchie jacket deserves to become one of your dog’s
must-have items for cold months.

Button Closure

If you are enough of buying clothes for your Frenchie that take precious minutes in you life, then you should consider buying sleeveless jackets (sort of vests) that will make your pet more comfortable during different activities. This French Bulldog jacket can be dressed on in a few second, and a simple button closure is put to prevent hair twitching.

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