Ultra Soft French Bulldog Hoodie

When choosing the perfect French bulldog hoodies, you have to take into account their unique body shape and also avoid clothing that will irritate sensitive skin. Ultra-Soft French Bulldog Hoodie is one of those must-have items that will help your pooch safely paw through cold and breezy days. Decorated with cute mouse ears on the hood, this French bulldog hoodie will be a perfect pick for every fashionable four-legged pooch.

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When to wear the Ultra Soft French Bulldog Hoodie?

This is the perfect hoodie for your pampered batpig! The material of this awesome clothing pick will never cause them itchy, uncomfortable feelings. And not only it’s soft and silky on the outside, but also warm inside-out with just enough insulation to keep those chilly winter chills at bay all year round (and no more shivering while wearing lasts).

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Cozy and smooth velvet fabric

The polyester blend makes sure there’s always something lightweight available when needed; whether it’s springtime or fall semester—your dog will be nice n’ cool without sacrificing comfort. It’s made of smooth velvet which is one of the coziest fabrics to wear.

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The cut that suits French bulldogs

Since this French bulldog hoodie has ribbed hem and cuffs, you don’t have to worry about the sleeves being too long. The cuffs are elastic and they’ll support all your dog’s moves and activities. The length of the hood is also carefully tailored to suit Frenchies. Thanks to this feature, your dog will stay clean when coming home from a walk.

Leash hole on the back

The hole to attach the leash is one of the most important features to search for because you certainly want to find a clothing piece that will be practical both for you and your pet. Thanks to this feature, you’ll get ready for daily strolls in a few seconds.

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Cute and sporty design

This is the perfect French bulldog hoodie for your little sports fan. The French bulldog hoodie comes in smooth and soft velvet, with a sporty pocket on the dog’s back. Plus, the cute mouse ears on the hood add an extra touch of whimsy.

The perfect layer to keep a pup warm

Since these cute, little gremlins are prone to hypothermia, they would be grateful to have an additional layer around their tiny bodies. Frenchies quickly lose their body heat because their flat skulls and shortened nostrils can’t warm up the air they inhale. As the result, pooches who spend a prolonged time outside in cold weather will develop hypothermia that can end fatally. Depending on the climate where you live, your Frenchie may need a padded dog jacket or even a jumpsuit to stay fully protected against wind, snow, and rain.

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