Ultra Soft Fluffy French Bulldog Sweater

Are you one of those Frenchie owners who pay attention to their dog’s style If yes, then we are pretty sure you would like to check the following Ultra Soft Fluffy French Bulldog Sweater. Made of fuzzy and warm fleece, this sweater will become one of the most popular items in your dog’s closet.

Why we love Ultra Soft Fluffy French Bulldog Sweater?

  • Practical design

Our French bulldog sweater is available in 4 colors (red, blue, pink, and brown). It features a button closure, so your pooch and also wears it over a lightweight cotton shirt for extra warmth. It can also serve as a jacket and the cuffs and neckline are made of ribbed and elastic cotton. The cut is made to suit French bulldogs and their stout bodies. The high cut will prevent potty messes and will keep your dog comfy when going to strolls.

  • Superior Fabric

The Ultra Soft Fluffy French Bulldog Sweater is made of warm and thermal faux sheep fur. The fabric keeps the dog warm and makes it safe from hypothermia in the winter. When we talk about maintenance, it’s enough to wash it in cold or mild water with detergent.

  • Unisex Design

The unisex design makes this hoodie perfect both for males and females. Since it comes in four colors, you can choose the one that will suit your dog the most.

What are the benefits of dressing your Frenchie in dog clothes?

Unlike other dog breeds, Frenchies have one-layered coats that make them susceptible to easier catch a cold and deal with hypothermia. That’s why their owners need to think about how to keep them warm during cold months.

French bulldogs best suit living in temperatures between 17- 23 C. Their brachycephalic skulls make them incapable to regulate their body temperature, so wearing protective clothes seems like the best solution when going to strolls.

Another benefit of wearing clothes is to stay protected from environmental allergens. Seasonal pollen, dust, mold, and other allergens can cause your French bulldog’s skin to become itchy. Therefore, by wearing clothes, your dog will get mechanical protection from different allergy triggers.

The third reason to dress your pooch into clothes is to keep your living space cleaner. During the shedding season, the clothes will help you keep your dog’s dead hair under, so your living place will stay cleaner.

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Lana K.
Lana K.