Top 11 French Bulldog Jackets & Coats For The Winter Season!

As the weather gets colder, we have to keep our Frenchies protected from the winter. Every French bulldog needs to have a cozy dog jacket in his closet that will help him stay snug. Their short and thin coats make them more prone to hypothermia than other breeds when the weather is chilly. Besides, they’re unable to warm up quickly because their shortened nostrils cannot get enough air into their small bodies. That’s why we’ve selected the top 11 picks of French bulldog jackets and coats to keep your pooch both stylish and warm this winter!

How to choose the right French bulldog jackets for your batpig?

Just like you choose clothes for you, so does your dog deserves to wear appropriate clothes that will fit well every corner around every corner of his/her body. French bulldogs have quite unique body proportions, so they can’t wear a clothing piece you’ve just grabbed from your local pet store. Since we are specialized in the French bulldog breed, every clothing piece you’ll find in our store is tailored according to their bodies.

When choosing French bulldog jackets for your pup, it’s essential to consider the climate in your country so you can make a final decision. Lightweight and waterproof dog jackets are perfect for chilly autumn days when you want to keep your French bulldog’s dry when going on strolls.  On the other hand, padded Frenchie jackets and dog jumpsuits will be the best to wear in snowy weather when you want to spend time in the snow with your furry gremlin.

You’ll know that you’ve chosen the appropriate dog jacket for your Frenchie if it’s not too long and doesn’t cover his/her but. Your dog should be allowed to do the potty without making any messes and walk without difficulty. The length of sleeves should not cross over the paws and your pooch so your pet could walk normally.

What are the best picks of French bulldog jackets for the winter season?

French Bulldog Hooded Jacket  

It may be cold, but it’s never freezing with the French bulldog winter jacket. You don’t have to worry about your little pup shivering because this snug-fitting coat is stuffed with extra warmth. No need for an umbrella, just put on the dog this jacket and enjoy winter pawdventures.


  • Warm pp cotton padding
  • Cotton hood with adjustable drawstring
  • Zipper closure and sporty pockets on the back
  • Ribbed and elastic hem and cuffs

french bulldog jackets

French Bulldog Puffer Jacket

For those who want their pup to be front and center, this stylish windbreaker from your favorite pet store will keep them cozy as can be. With a water repellent shell made from soft pp cotton and two sleek colors to choose from: golden or silver, these French bulldog jackets look good enough for us humans and not only for our pups.


  • Attractive design, available in golden and silver colors
  • Puffer jacket that provides superior warmth
  • Water-repellent shell
  • Elastic hem and cuffs
  • Turtle neck to keep the dog safe from cold

french bulldog jackets world shop silver l 31589495505045 590x

French Bulldog Winter Panel Hooded Jacket

Don’t let your batpig get cold this winter. This wonderfully warm jacket is available in different sizes, so there’s no excuse for shivering doggos anymore! The playful orange and green colors are perfect for any dog who loves to stand out in the crowd, and the hood is made of faux-fur to give a dose of cuteness to your pup.


  • Button closure
  • Faux fur on the hood
  • Bright design for muggy and dark winter days
  • Lightweight and warm pick for your Frenchie

french bulldog jackets

Futuristic French Bulldog Feather Jacket

Our French bulldogs deserve their own winter jacket for the cold months! Keep your pup nice and warm this winter without sacrificing his or her sense of style with a Futuristic French Bulldog Feather Jacket. A natural alternative to traditional fleece jackets, these coats are lined with a breathable fabric that features shiny shades of purple and blue, while also being windproof. The outer layer is made from a durable fabric that has the beautiful colors of purple, green, pink, light blue, lavender among other shades. Help your furry friend strut their stuff this upcoming cold season by scooping up one of our hand-cut creations today!


  • Filled with 10 % feather and 90% down
  • Water-repellent outer shell
  • Zipper closure for easy dressing
  • Eye-catching dog jacket for crispy days

futuristic french bulldog feather jacket frenchie world shop 22540295241877 590x

Winter Warm Down Jacket

Say goodbye to your shivering Frenchie. With this nifty jacket, he’ll stay cozy and content throughout the winter months. The design is perfect for chilly mornings or brisk evenings when sharing a stroll with their favorite human! Plus, it comes in bold colors that brighten up any day. This is one of the best-selling French bulldog jackets, so you’d better hurry up and order one for your pet.


  • Button closure for easy dressing up
  • Filled with pp cotton
  • High cut that prevents potty messes
  • Warm hood and ribbed hem and cuffs

french bulldog jackets

Luxury Leopard French Bulldog Coat      

Cozy up in this stylish dog jacket. This stylish faux fur jacket features a zipper closure and a slightly elevated turtle neck that will keep your pup nice and toasty on winter walks. With leopard-print accents, it’s perfect for special occasions too!


  • Adorable leopard pattern
  • Made of soft and thick fleece
  • Ideal for dry weather conditions
  • Zipper closure for easy dressing up

french bulldog jackets

Designer Reflective French Bulldog Jacket

When you have a best friend in an 8-pound package, it’s hard to keep him/her warm in the winter. But with our hologram dog jacket, they’ll be dry no matter what park or playground they frequent. With reflective fabric that makes your pup more visible at night and water-repellent material that keeps them cozy when snow is falling, their happiness will never be dampened.


  • Hologram fabric for better visibility
  • Lightweight and cozy pick for rainy, windy, and snowy weather
  • It can be worn over other dog clothes
  • One of the best French bulldog jackets for the autumn and winter season

designer reflective french bulldog jacket frenchie world shop reflective xxl 12548750671917 590x

Waterproof French Bulldog Vest

When you’re in a hurry and you want to leave the house immediately, choose a dog vest with an integrated D-ring to attach the leash. It saves your time when going on strolls and makes your pooch more comfortable. It’s waterproof, windproof, and available in 4 colors.


  • Integrated D-ring to attach the leash and you’re ready for a stroll
  • Zipper closure
  • Pp cotton filling
  • Durable fabric that will resist a dog’s pulling

waterproof french bulldog vest frenchie world shop blue s 5538418229293 590x

Frenchie Winter Hooded Jacket 

Keep your Frenchie warm, cozy, and looking sharp with this faux fur-lined dog jacket. The three colors are perfect for all occasions so find the one that fits best with your pup’s personality! It’s not everyday that you can find clothes for your Frenchie. Now you don’t have to go cold again with this new dog jacket! Decorated with rich faux fur, this jacket provides warmth and protection against the winter always with style. A hood is included if some extra comfort is needed on those long walks in the snow or wind gusts. There are three colors to choose from -red, green, silver.


  • Adjustable drawstring on the belly
  • Elastic cuffs and hem
  • Available in three colors
  • The hood is decorated with rich faux fur

frenchie winter hooded jacket frenchie world shop 18261479719061 540x

Frenchie’s Winter Jacket

What’s the next winter trend? Do you know what it is? Staying warm with your favorite pet! This French bulldog vest will keep him nice and toasty. The hood provides added coverage against frostbite, while the elastic cuffs help trap heat in the arms. Available now in two colors: navy and gray.


  • Thick padding made of pp cotton
  • Button closure that doesn’t pluck the hair
  • Protective hood

frenchie s winter jacket frenchie world shop 31630096957589 590x

Waterproof French Bulldog Parka           

For all those owners who search for professional French bulldog jackets to keep their batpigs snug and warm, this one will be one of the best picks. This coat is made of waterproof fabric that will keep your dog’s coat dry in rain and snow. The elevated collar is padded with faux fur, while the Velcro straps allow you to set the size around your dog’s belly.


  • Adjustable size
  • Reflective parts
  • Waterproof fabric

waterproof french bulldog parka frenchie world shop black s 18265194201237 590x

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