Top 10 French Bulldog Christmas Sweaters of 2021

Is there anything cuter than seeing a Frenchie dressed in a warm and cozy sweater that is inspired by the upcoming holiday season? Since the best time of the year is knocking on the door, we have to get our closets ready for chilly winter nights and days. These French bulldog Christmas sweaters will bring a festive spirit into your homes and will make your pooches steal the attention even from the Santa who’s going down the chimney! Let your furry friend stay warm and snug in these ugly dog Christmas sweaters.

Do French bulldogs need sweaters?

In case you’re still in doubt whether your little gremlin needs a sweater or some other piece of clothing, the answer is short and simple. Yes, French bulldogs need to wear sweaters as well as other dog clothing to stay warm and safe from hypothermia. Since they can’t regulate their body temperature when spending time in cold weather, dressing them in warm French bulldog sweaters should be an essential winter routine. Depending on the climate where you live, your dog can also wear sweaters under warm and waterproof dog jackets to get better warmth.

french bulldog christmas sweaters

French bulldog Christmas sweaters with the most adorable design

From classy to sassy ugly dog sweaters, your search for the most unique French bulldog Christmas sweaters can stop here! These picks are carefully selected to bring the holiday spirit into your house and turn your pet into the greatest star of the neighborhood.

Since it’s never too early to get ready for the Christmas party, one of the cutest parts of the holiday season is buying presents for your loved ones. To be honest, dog owners consider their four-legged friends for one of the most important beings in their lives. Therefore, it’s essential not the separate them from the rest of the family and buy them ugly Christmas sweaters to celebrate the holiday in style.

Before you sneak into our list, make sure you carefully measure your Frenchie’s body so you can easier decide what size will suit him/her best. Even though every sweater from this list is stretchable and elastic, it’s good to check the neck and belly circumference of your pet before ordering.

Christmas Lampion French Bulldog Sweater

Let your furry friend shine like a Christmas lampion in this adorable dog sweater. Made of knitted acrylic wool, it will make your pooch feel snug, warm, and ready for any adventure. Whether you want to take your pooch for a walk on a crispy winter day or make him look festive, this unisex sweater will make your family time complete.

christmas lampion french bulldog sweater frenchie world shop red xl 28671965954197 590x

Reindeer Christmas Knitted Vest

It’s the ultimate time for Christmas gatherings, Christmassy activities, and more. Made with high-quality knit fabric, this French bulldog Christmas sweater is a must-have for your pet! The turtle collar keeps your dog’s neck warm, while a lovely reindeer on the back brings the festive spirit.


Snowflake French Bulldog Sweater

What will make your furry princess so chic than this gentle and soft Frenchie sweater? Baby blue knitted cotton and giant fuzzy snowflakes on the back bring all the cuteness a dog can wear on Christmas day. Perfect for staying snug and looking stylish, your furry friend will be ready for any type of pawdventure!

snowflake french bulldog sweater frenchie world shop snowflake s 19879113293973 590x

Ugly Dog Sweater

The list of the cutest French bulldog Christmas sweaters won’t be complete without an ‘ugly pick’. Available in 2 colors and covered with the telltale signs of winter, including pine trees, snowflakes, and moose, your dog will be ready for taking photos on Christmas Eve.

ugly dog sweater frenchie world shop 3687426883685 590x

Elk Sweater

No Christmas and New Year celebrations are complete without a sweater emblazoned with an elk. This striped red and white French bulldog sweater features an elevated turtle neck and a high cut on the belly to prevent potty messes. It’s very stretchable, and a lovely sewn patch of an elk, your Frenchie will fit in with the rest of Santa’s reindeer.

knitted santa french bulldog sweater frenchie world shop 19854236483733 540x

Knitted Santa French Bulldog Sweater

Warm your pup up for winter! Whether you’re in the market for a Christmas gift, looking for a special treat to keep your best friend warm or want to dress your pup in festive attire, you’ll find exactly what you need with this dog sweater. Featuring warm fuzzy fabric and classic holiday designs, this French bulldog sweater will have your dog feeling festive all year long. In this cute sweater, we are sure that no one will look as cute as your Frenchie! The sweater is made in adorable beige/silver color and features a lovely knitted design of elks and Santa.

Christmas Striped Sweater With Poms

Wanna make sure your dog has a great time during the holidays? Get them the best darn sweater to wear this season! They’ll be ready to get all the attention they deserve. Whether it’s at the family dinner or while you’re decorating for Christmas, they’ll be dressed to impress.

christmas striped sweater with poms frenchie world shop 3701101002853 540x

French Bulldog Winter Cardigan

This is probably one of the cutest French bulldog Christmas sweaters you’ll find on the market! In case your furry friend is not a fan of sweaters, then we suggest you choose a cardigan with a button closure. Decorated with cute Teddy bears wearing Santa’s hat and made of knitted acrylic with an elastic cut, this sweater is perfect for any pup no matter the size.

french bulldog christmas sweaters

Frenchie Christmas Sweater

This darling dog sweater is sure to make your pup the cutest on the block! Made of knitted acrylic wool with an elastic cut for easy on & off, it’s decorated with cute knitted reindeer on the back. Let your dog wear it with pride and enjoy the holiday season by staying warm and stylish.

frenchie christmas sweater frenchie world shop h s united states 13467888287789 590x

Christmas Santa Frenchie Sweater

This Christmas sweater will keep your dog warm and cozy this season! This cute, knitted sweater has Santas on the back for that extra festive touch. The sweater is made of knitted acrylic wool to keep them comfortable and the elastic cut to support their wiggly activities.

french bulldog christmas sweaters