Tie-Dye Cropped French Bulldog Hoodie

We all want to make our dogs comfy and safe when going to explore the great outdoors. Well, with Frenchies, thinking about buying clothes is even more important because these furry gremlins are on a tendency to suffer from hypothermia. That’s why today we are going to represent you to Tie-Dye Cropped French Bulldog Hoodie made of preshrunk cotton fabric.

Why do Frenchies need to wear clothes?

One of the main reasons why Frenchies need to wear clothes is because of their brachycephalic skulls. Due to their flat muzzles, Frenchies can’t breathe in enough air, so they become incapable to regulate their body temperature.

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Another reason for their tendency to hypothermia is the coat. Unlike most other dogs, French bulldogs have only one layer of fur which isn’t enough to keep them warm in the winter. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your pet is to buy protective clothing. We offer you a great assortment of French bulldog clothes that are carefully tailored to suit these little gremlins. Besides, each piece is made of natural and soft poly-cotton blends that are skin-friendly.

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Why we love Tie-Dye Cropped French Bulldog Hoodie?

Since we follow the latest trends, we decided to create a hoodie made of tie-dye fabric. It is available in 4 patterns that are eye-catching and trendy. The cropped cut is especially suitable for pups who still deal with messiness when going to the toilet.

The pastel tie-dye prints represent the ultimate hit this season! They are inspired by streetwear and hippie culture that celebrates love and compassion. If your dog needs extra warmth, he can wear this French bulldog hoodie under a padded winter jacket or vest.

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Another reason why we love the Tie-Dye Cropped French Bulldog Hoodie is the fabric. The hoodie is made of cotton which is breathable, lightweight, and stretchable. Therefore, your little gremlin will feel pleasant and will be able to perform any type of activity. Chasing, running, and rolling won’t represent a problem for your four-legged friend. When your dog needs extra protection from the wind, you can use the hood that comes with an adjustable drawstring.

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