The Cutest French Bulldog Hoodies For The Autumn Season

We are certain that no dog can look as fabulous in the latest fashion clothes like French bulldogs. Their distinctive appearance and body type helps them to stay out of the crowd, which makes buying clothing for these pooches not only a subject about being fashionable but also an essential requirement. To help you enjoy this task even more, we have compiled 12 adorable outfits for your Frenchie!

What are the cutest picks of French bulldog hoodies?

If you want to buy French bulldog hoodies, consider the size and cut. They have short bodies with thick necks and round bellies. Besides, they’re prone to hypothermia which means they have to wear warm clothes when going outside in cold weather.

Frenchie World® Basic Dog Hoodie

A nice Frenchie hoodie is easy to match and will keep your dog’s fur clean of dirt. It can be worn during spring or fall seasons when you want an extra layer for him, too! This French bulldog hoodie is a great extra layer to keep your dog comfortable while looking stylish. Machine washable on 30 C makes caring for it easy! It is available in so many bright and gorgeous colors, so you’ll be able to easily match it with other clothes too.

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Koala Fleece Dog Hoodie

Your dog will look adorable in the Koala Fleece Dog Hoodie. The combination of textures with a neutral hue gives this hoodie an elegant, cute, and classic look that doesn’t detract from your pup’s natural good looks. With ears, nose, eyes on the hood you’ll love how cozy this fleece and the quilted fabric feels for them!

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This soft and cozy hoodie will keep your pup warm and cozy during chilly morning and evening walks. Its durable fabric resists looking dirty over time and it cuddles them like a koala!

Frenchie World® basic embroidered hoodie

Another pick of French bulldog hoodies for the autumn season is definitely this one. A hoodie is a must-have for those chilly days. This basic embroidered Frenchie World® one will keep your pooch warm and stylish all day long! With the fleece lining to keep their chest nice and warm even on dreary days, you won’t have a reason not to take them outside!

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French Bulldog Rabbit Hoodie

Made of ribbed cotton that is so elastic and comfy, your pooch will be an essential layer for crispy autumn days. The high cut makes this pick one of the best French bulldog hoodies for puppies who still act as messy piglets when going on walks. It features a hood with rabbit ears, so your pooch will become noticed on every step!

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I Love My Mom Dog Hoodie

Show everyone that your little gremlin loves you the most by dressing him/her in this soft Frenchie hoodie. It’s made of 100% cotton and features an elastic hem and cuffs for a better fit. In that way, your dog will get maximum support during his daily activities.

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Leopard Swagger Dog Hoodie

Let your Frenchie show the best moves in this Leopard Swagger dog hoodie. With many sizes to choose from, it’s perfect for special occasions and daily walks alike. The warm and fuzzy fleece is fantastic when spending time in the cold spring or autumn weather; not only does it keep his body temperature at a normal level but also provides him with softness you can’t resist touching!

leopard swagger dog hoodie frenchie world shop leopard s 18292597162133 590x

Fox Dog Hoodie by Frenchie World

The cute little foxes on this Frenchie hoodie will show off your dog’s style. The hood and trim is 100% polyester with a wool/nylon blend inside that form 80%. A small 3D fox head on the hood adds an extra accent to this warm clothing item and makes your dog spotted on every corner.

fox dog hoodie by frenchie world frenchie world shop 31589689884821 540x

Giant Bunny French Bulldog Hoodie

Looking for some cute and cuddly French bulldog hoodies? Well, this one will be a perfect pick for special occasions and holiday celebrations. The hood is made of faux fur and features rabbit ears. Your dog will look like a living bunny and will surely make everyone turn their heads while walking down the street.

giant bunny french bulldog hoodie frenchie world shop s 28671707906197 590x

Teddy Carrier French Bulldog Hoodie

We all know that dogs love to carry toys in their mouth and play with them all day long. Therefore, why not let your Frenchie always carry one whenever you have to leave the house? The cute Teddy Bear is removable and it’s great for keeping your dog entertained while you’re outside or you went to meet friends. The hood is elastic, stretchable and machine washable which makes the cleaning process easy.

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Cow French Bulldog Hoodie

Want to win the cuteness contest at this year’s Halloween party? Dress your Frenchie in a cow costume with this hoodie! Made of stretchable cotton blend, and carefully tailored for a Frenchie’s body proportions, it will become everyone’s favorite pick. It is easy to dress and the hood protects them from harsh weather conditions when you are out on walks or errands around town.

cow french bulldog hoodie frenchie world shop black s 26589791289493 590x

Frenchie Fuzzy Sweater With a Bunny Bag

This adorable hoodie comes with a cute bunny bag. It is great to wear over your dog’s tiny coat on cold days, and the fabric stretches enough for them to be comfortable. This fashionable hoodie is perfect for the dog who wants to make a statement. This best-selling Frenchie Hoodie is made from warm fabric and has a high cut on either side of its belly – prevent potty messes while looking fabulous at the same time!

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Three Stripes Frenchie Hoodie

Want to know what we love the most about this Three stripes Frenchie hoodie? It has a high cut to prevent your dog from potty accidents. The fabric is pleasant to touch and won’t irritate their sensitive skin. You can also adjust it with an elastic zipper for maximum comfortability, too! This item comes in grey or brown so you can choose which one best suits your preferences. Overall, if you have a French Bulldog then get ready because they’ll look oh-so stylish wearing our Three stripe Frenchie Hoodies!

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