French bulldog Sweaters

While for many people it can be a concern to see a dog dressed in clothes, for French bulldogs it’s a life-saving solution. Their small bodies, short hair and flat skulls make them prone to hypothermia and other symptoms of feeling cold. French bulldog sweaters represent an ultimate solution to warm up your Frenchie on different occasions. They can even provide your pet with fashionable outfits when celebrating birthdays and holidays.

sweaters for french bulldog
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When to use French bulldog sweaters on your dog?

Dressing up a sweater on your pooch is helpful during the cold season. Whether you want to take your dog outside in snowy weather or your pet needs an extra layer during sleeping, Frenchie sweaters can help.

How warm is your French bulldog able to keep himself may depend on its age and size. Frenchie puppies have silky and thin coats but it’s not the only feature that makes them prone to hypothermia. French bulldog’s short legs put their bellies close to the ground. Therefore, walking on cold and icy pavements may be a real challenge for these little pooches.

How to find the best French bulldog sweaters?

If you’ve decided that your Frenchie needs a sweater, the next step is to consider the fabric it’s made of. Wool French bulldog sweaters are one of the best insulating materials that may keep a dog’s body temperature in optimal ranges. On the other hand, some dogs don’t find it comfy to wear because it might cause itchiness.

Therefore, your Frenchie might prefer a sweater that is padded with fleece or microfiber. These two fabrics are known as one of the best thermal materials to use for winter clothing. In our large assortment of French bulldog sweaters, you’ll find dozens of picks that are crafted to suit this lovely breed.

Besides previously mentioned fabrics, you can consider buying dog sweaters made of cotton and cotton blends. They are pleasant in touch and can be worn on cozy spring evenings and autumn.

Choosing the right cut and size for your Frenchie is also one of the things to keep in mind. High cuts on dog clothes are desirable because they will allow the pet to freely go to potty, while wide necks cuts are ‘must have’ for this breed.

How do I know if my Frenchie is cold?

One of the most important things to notice when your pet is feeling cold is his body language. A dog that deals with hypothermia will start to shiver, alternately raise legs off the ground and become lethargic and dizzy. Other pooches may start to howl and whine, and seek places for shelter.

Since this may turn out to be a serious condition, it’s important to react quickly if you notice any of these symptoms in your Frenchie. To prevent your Frenchie from any of these symptoms, it’s advisable to keep the walks short. Instead of taking your frog dog to one or two long walks, try to perform them multiple times a day.

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