Ugly Dog Sweater For French Bulldogs

Let your dog safely and confidently step into the winter season by dressing him/her in an inevitable piece of wardrobe during the holiday season. The Ugly dog sweater for French bulldogs is inspired by humans’ Christmas sweaters and will add a festive and cheerful detail to your batpig’s outfit.

Why do French Bulldogs need to wear sweaters?

Unlike many other dog breeds, Frenchies require wearing protective and warm layers on cold days. Just remember how your pooch acts when you take him outside in the winter. Trembling, panting, heavy breathing, and stiff muscles can be only some of the signs that your dog is struggling with hypothermia.

Therefore, to save your pet during winter walks, our suggestion is to dress them in warm clothes. This sweater for French bulldogs is made of soft, and thick acrylic. Whether you want your dog to feel warm or to look both stylish and casual, our French bulldog sweater should be perfect for the task. Finding the right cut for Frenchies might sound challenging because of their round, short, and stout bodies. That’s why it’s advisable to buy clothes that are specialized for the French bulldog breed. The ugly dog sweater for French bulldogs covers the dog’s front legs, and gives a holiday design utility.

sweater for french bulldogs

Why we love the Ugly dog sweater for French bulldogs?

We adore the Ugly dog sweater for French bulldogs because it’s soft, stretchable, and attractive. It is available in two patterns and colors – blue and dark red. A turtle neck is great for keeping the neck area warm, while the cuffs are double knitted.

The holiday-inspired pattern is perfect to be worn when taking family photos. Your pet can look equally cool and festive as other family members by wearing this hoodie.

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This French bulldog sweater is hand washable in cold water, and can be worn under the jacket for superior warmth. Your pet can match it with one of our gorgeous French bulldog jackets for the winter season when going to stroll in harsh weather.


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