Sunny Side Up French bulldog pajamas

French bulldog pajamas serve to provide your pet with extra warmth and to protect their sensitive skin. For many dog owners, their four-legged friends are their babies. Along with taking them to strolls, feeding them with the right nutrition, and going to vet checks, dog owners also like to buy clothes for their pooches. And, while many would say it’s crazy, wearing clothes for Frenchies represents an inevitable part of their health. Our Sunny side up French bulldog pajamas are made with comfort in mind and can be worn on different occasions.

sunny side up french bulldog pajamas

When to wear French bulldog pajamas?

While most dogs have thick coats that are enough to keep them warm, French bulldogs have thin and one-layered coats. Besides their brachycephalic skulls, Frenchie’s thin coat is another reason for being on a higher tendency to suffer from hypothermia. Therefore, wearing Frenchie pajamas can keep your dog warm overnight and prevent him from catching a cold.

On the other hand, dogs can also wear pajamas to stay protected from allergens. These cute batpigs often suffer from environmental allergies caused by pollen, dust, and insect bites. So, wearing Frenchie pajamas is not only a matter of fashion, but it’s also a matter of health.

In cases when a dog goes through a shedding period, you might want to keep your house clean as much as you can. French bulldog pajamas cover a great part of a dog’s body, so the dead hair will be kept under until you take them off.

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Why we love Sunny Side Up French bulldog pajamas?

Frenchies aren’t big fans of artificial fabrics. When something makes they uncomfortable, they’ll start to scratch and lick the skin, and act nervous. That’s why we’ve made these pajamas of breathable cotton that is soft in touch and pleasant to wear. If your dog is not a lover of blankets, then this piece of clothing might sound like the right choice. They are easy to dress, made of stretchable fabric, and available in 3 colors.

sunny side up french bulldog pajamas

  • The elastic cuffs and edges won’t irritate the dog’s skin, and the neckline is stretchable to allow the pet to freely breathe.
  • The Sunny side up French bulldog pajamas are available in three colors (red, blue, and green).
  • They can be worn both indoor and outdoor when you want to keep the dog’s fur free of allergens.
  • You can wash them in cold water and maintain them like human clothes.
  • The high cut on the dog’s back will prevent your pooch from the potty messes.
  • Your dog will have a snugged feeling while wearing them.
  • Ideal to wear during the spring and fall seasons.
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