Summer French Bulldog Polo Shirt By Frenchie World

We can’t deny that living with a French Bulldog brings so many great things. Their lovely personalities, unique appearance, and compact size make them often find their places in homes all around the Globe. Originated from France, these pooches quickly took everyone’s attention, so that’s why they today take the 4th place in homes of the USA. Since you as a Frenchie owner probably adore dressing him/her in fancy and cute outfits, we’re super excited to introduce you to our Summer French bulldog Polo shirt!

Why We Love Summer French Bulldog Polo Shirt?

Looking trendy is a matter of style. And, when we talk about Frenchies, they look adorable whatever they wear. Since the summer season brings certain risks for your pet when going outside, you need to think about how to keep him safe from the harmful sun rays and heatstroke.

As we all know, brachycephalic dog breeds are on a higher tendency to suffer from overheating. Therefore, they require to get proper protection, and wearing clothes is one of the solutions. The Summer French Bulldog Polo Shirt is made of pleasant and breathable cotton. Since it’s lightweight, it won’t make a dog warm but will only provide protection against UV rays.

summer french bulldog polo shirt

  • Cut suitable for French bulldogs

How many times did you buy a piece of clothing for your dog and then you realized that the cut is too long or too tight? French bulldogs simply can’t wear clothes that first catch your eyes. They have thick necks, stout and short bodies, so it might be difficult to find the right cut for their uniquely-shaped bodies. That’s why we’ve decided to help you choose the best French bulldog clothing that will make your dog comfortable to wear it.

  • Quality fabrics

Don’t tell a French bulldog owner what fabrics are the best for his dog. As we all know, these pooches require to wear pleasant and breathable fabrics that won’t irritate their sensitive skin. Warm weather can be a real-life struggle for these pooches, so they don’t sustain wearing thick and artificial fabrics during the summer.

Our Summer French bulldog polo shirt is made of stretchable cotton. The collar serves to bring a dose of elegance, while the design is inspired by a sailor’s outfit. Your dog can wear it during the spring and summer seasons, as well as when he needs the protection of allergens.

summer french bulldog polo shirt

  • Attractive design

All our pieces of French Bulldog clothing come in attractive, modern, and unique patterns. Besides basic Frenchie t-shirt, you’ll also find fashionable pieces that will make your dog spotted on different occasions. We follow the latest trends and always tend to find or create clothes that will make your dog comfortable, and fabulous wherever he/she paws in.


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