Summer Cooling Vest For French Bulldogs

We are sure there is no Frenchie owner who is not familiar with its tendency to overheat. On the other hand, most people love to spend time outdoors especially in the summer. Unfortunately, hot weather might be risky for your Frenchie, so that’s why you need to think about how to protect him. Using different cooling items can help a lot and the Summer Cooling Vest for French bulldogs is definitely one of the best. It serves to protect your dog from the sun, hot temperature, and helps in regulating body temperature.

summer cooling vest for french bulldogs

When to use Summer Cooling Vest For French Bulldogs?

As we already mentioned, Frenchies need extra protection during the summer. Therefore, besides paying attention to a dog’s hydration, it’s desirable to use different cooling items that provenly help. Our Summer Cooling Vest for French Bulldogs is made of a special fabric that absorbs the heat from your dog’s body. It’s lightweight and should be worn wet to provide a maximum effect.

You can use this cooling vest when you take your dog for a stroll on a hot summer day. Of course, as an owner of this breed, you should know that the hottest part of the day should be avoided in any case. Since these little batpigs have flat muzzles, they’re unable to cool off the air they breathe in. On the other hand, their soft palates may also be elongated and cause difficulties with breathing in hot weather. Therefore, this Summer Cooling Vest for French bulldogs should represent an ultimate solution when taking a dog outside during summer months.

summer cooling vest for french bulldogs

Why We Love This Summer Cooling Vest for Frenchies?

  • Pleasant and durable fabric: Whatever piece of clothing are you buying for your Frenchie, it’s essential to choose a fabric that won’t irritate his skin. This Dog cooling vest is made of breathable polyester that absorbs the heat from a dog’s body.
  • Sun protection: Dogs with sensitive skin and thin coat should get the essential protection against UVA and UVB rays. Luckily, this summer vest won’t make your pet warm but will keep him protected.
  • Attractive pattern: We all have to admit that there is nothing cuter than buying cute dog clothes. This vest is available in two printed patterns with Frenchie faces, and will surely make your pooch spotter wherever he/she paws in.
  • Easy Maintenance: This summer cooling vest for French bulldogs is easy to maintain because you can wash it in cold water with detergent.
  • Ideal cut: The cut perfectly fits Frenchies because we’ve paid special attention to the neckline and armpit area. The double-sewn edges are soft and are put to prevent any type of irritation.

How to use our Summer cooling vest for French bulldogs?

1- Soak the vest in the cold water

2- Twist it dry and put it in its original packaging.

3- Leave it in a fridge for half an hour. (You can escape this step as well)

4- Dress on your Frenchie and go outside.

5- As your dog walks, the vest will begin to dry and you can splash your dog with water from time to time to repeat the effect.


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