Summer Breathable French Bulldog Vest

Choosing summer cooling vests for French bulldogs represents one of the most important tasks to keep your dog safe in hot weather. In case they spend a prolonged time outside, they can get a heatstroke that can end up fatal. That’s why vets recommend dressing these little gremlins in cooling vests to help them keep their body temperature within optimal ranges.

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Can French bulldog cooling vests keep your dog safe in the summer?

Dog cooling vests are designed to keep the core body temperature lower, preventing heat exhaustion and other negative effects of overheating. Depending on the type of fabric, Frenchie vests can feature cooling gel packs inside or can be made of special heat-resistant fabrics that reflect the heat. Regardless of the type you choose, wearing cooling vests will definitely be a better option than walking outside without them. Our Frenchies can’t escape their coats, so dog cooling vests can help them not only in regulating their body temperature but also in keeping their skin safe from UV rays.

For dog owners looking to buy a French bulldog cooling vest, it’s essential to consider how hot your environment is, the amount of mobility your pooch requires, and how long your dog needs a cooling power to last.

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Why we love Summer Breathable French Bulldog Vest?

Pleasant fabric

We all know that Frenchies have sensitive skin. Unlike most other pooches, they have only one layer of fur. Due to this reason, they are susceptible to easier get sunburns, develop skin irritations and suffer from allergies. Summer Breathable French Bulldog Vest can keep your pet’s skin safe, and since it’s made of cotton, your dog will feel pleasant while wearing it. The vest also features side openings so the dog can get more space while walking.

Attractive design

This French bulldog shirt comes in gorgeous patterns and colors that are inspired by summer vibes. You can choose between yellow and mint green emblazoned with floral patterns.

Skin protection

Frenchies who suffer from environmental allergies should wear protective layers that will keep the allergens away from their skin. Besides, they can easily develop sunburns if spend plenty of time in the sun.

How to use Summer Breathable French Bulldog Vest?

 To provide your pet with a cooling effect, you need to soak it in cold water. Squeeze out the excess water and then place the vest in the fridge if you want your dog to get a better effect. The vest will slowly release water through evaporation and protect your pet from overheating. As it starts to dry, you can splash it with water once again during the walk.

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When this Summer Breathable French Bulldog Vest gets dirty, you can wash it in a machine in a low-temperature program. We recommend air drying to prevent shrinking.