Striped Fuzzy Matching French Bulldog Sweater

Have you always wanted to match your Frenchie’s clothes with your outfit? Well, this idea might sound crazy at first, however, French bulldogs are one of those breeds that require wearing clothes. Therefore, buying sweaters, hoodies, and all those cute pieces of clothing for your little gremlin is not your whimsy. They would be grateful to wear a comfy and warm layer that will help them maintain their optimal body temperature on cold days. Striped Fuzzy Matching French Bulldog sweater represents a perfect pick for the winter season, and will add stunning detail to your wardrobe.

Why we love the Striped Fuzzy Matching French Bulldog Sweater?

When it comes to choosing clothes for your French bulldog, we all know how important is to find a good cut. These cute gremlins have short and stout bodies, so they can’t wear dog clothes from local pet stores. Our store is specialized for the French bulldog breed to fit their bodies and their needs. It means that in our vast assortment of products you can find both summer and winter picks that suit different weather conditions.

Since we equally care for Frenchies and their owners, we also offer you matching items that will help you look spotted and attractive.  The Striped Fuzzy Matching French bulldog sweater is one of those items that should become must-have pieces for the winter season. It features a soft and fuzzy acrylic blend and an eye-catching design that is easy to match.

  • Ribbed cuffs

Are you enough of buying sweaters that lose their cut after several wears? Well, that’s why we decided to put ribbed cuffs made of cotton that will keep the shape of a sweater like new for a long time. Your French bulldog’s sweater also features ribbed cuffs around the sleeves, neckline, and on the bottom to prevent potty messes.

  • Pleasant fabric

The warm and soft acrylic blend is skin-friendly and it will make your pup snug on chilly winter days. Besides, the fabric is stretchable, so your dog will be able to enjoy jumping, rolling, and running while wearing it.

  • Striped pattern

This French bulldog sweater is available in two colors and can be matched with different outfits. To get supreme warmth, we suggest you match it with one of our French bulldog jackets.

  • Easy maintenance

You can wash this Frenchie in a washing machine at 30 c. The ironing is not needed thanks to a fuzzy fabric that doesn’t crumple and stays the same after washing.

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Lana K.
Lana K.