STARS Hooded Sweatshirt For French Bulldogs

Only French bulldog owners can describe the happiness of seeing their little gremlins wearing cute dog clothes. Despite the fact Frenchies are famous for their iconic faces, wearing adorable and trendy clothing can make it not only fabulous but also warm and comfy on special occasions. Let’s find out what makes our Stars Hooded Sweatshirt for French bulldogs so popular among Frenchies.

Why we love Stars Hooded Sweatshirt for French bulldogs?

Choosing French bulldog clothing is definitely not an easy task. Since they have short and stout bodies, these lovely batpigs require wearing specially-tailored cuts for their ‘elegant’ bodies.

That’s why we recommend you to buy clothes only in stores that are specialized for the French bulldog breed. Our cuts are suitable for pooches with stout bodies and thanks to high cuts on the belly and back, they prevent potty messes when going to the toilet.

hooded sweatshirt for french bulldogs

1- Pleasant fabric

This sweatshirt for French bulldog is made of natural and breathable fabrics that gently adheres to the skin. It is elastic, so your batpig will feel comfy even when jumping, rolling, and lying in the weirdest positions.

2- Cute adjustable hood

The hood brings the casual spirit to your dog’s outfit. It features an adjustable drawstring and can be worn on breezy days when you want to keep the pup warm.

3- Adorable design

Since we care about your Frenchie’s style, we decided to create a Frenchie hoodie that will be totally on-trend this season. Perfect to be worn on chilly fall and spring days, this sweatshirt for French bulldogs will make your dog spotted wherever appears.

hooded sweatshirt for french bulldogs

What does Stars hooded sweatshirt for French bulldog feature?

  • elastic cuffs
  • high-cut on the belly
  • adorable and trendy pattern
  • machine washable at 30 c
  • adjustable hood
  • stretchable fabric that supports all your dog’s activities
  • perfect to be worn on breezy fall and spring days

Why does your Frenchie need to wear hoodies?

French bulldog hoodies represent a perfect option for keeping your dog snug and warm. Since these pooches have one-layered coats and lat skulls, they’re not capable to regulate their temperatures in cold weather. That’s why you need to dress them into hoodies and other French bulldog clothes.

On the other hand, hoodies can help a lot when you want to save your dog from environmental allergens such as pollen, dust, and insect bites.