Sporty NYC Dog Hoodie- French bulldog hoodie

It’s undeniable fact that we all want our dog to feel warm on cozy evenings. When shopping for a French bulldog hoodie, you need to consider several sides too. Is it comfy and stretchable enough? Does the cut fit your dog’s body? Will it keep your Frenchie warm? These are only some of the questions you would ask yourself. Today, we are going to introduce you to Sporty NYC Dog Hoodie. It’s perfect for crispy spring and fall days and will make your pet safe.

Why is the Sporty NYC Dog Hoodie a perfect fit for your Frenchie?

Hoodies for Frenchies come in different fabrics, cuts, and patterns, so it might sound challenging to pick the right one. Our Sporty NYC Dog Hoodie is perfect to be worn during spring and fall seasons when your dog needs a warm layer. Since Frenchies have one-layered coats, wearing clothes is of high importance for their tiny bodies.

sporty NYC dog hoodie

  • pleasant fabric

One of the most essential things to keep in mind when buying clothes for a Frenchie is to choose natural fabrics. Frenchies have thin layers of fur which means they are more susceptible to skin allergies. The dirt, mites, pollen, and other allergens can easily come in contact with their skin and cause itchiness and redness. Clothes made of natural fabrics will provide them with a pleasant feeling that won’t irritate the skin.

sporty NYC dog hoodie

  • comfort fit

Choosing clothes that will support all our daily activities is of high importance. The same rule applies to our dogs since they will try to show us through their body language if they feel uncomfortable to wear something.

  • choose the right size

Our Sporty Dog NYC hoodie has been tested on the French bulldog breed to see if the size will fit their special body structure. Their tick necks, short bodies, and round bellies ofter represent an issue when buying clothes. To make sure that you choose the right size for your little gremlin, we advise you to measure your dog’s body first. Follow our size chart, and you won’t make a mistake.

  • attractive design

Our French bulldog hoodies are made with plenty of love for these little batpigs. We find inspiration for our design in famous human clothing brands. In the end, we all want our dogs to look equally cool and pretty as we, is that right? This Sporty NYC dog hoodie is emblazoned with a back kangaroo pocket. It is inspired by a human’s streetwear clothing and comes with a hood that you can use to protect your dog from the wind.

The inner part of this Frenchie hoodie is extremely soft and warm. Since it’s made of 100% cotton, you can also wash it in a washing machine on 30 C.


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