Snowflake French Bulldog Sweater

Wintertime might be your favorite part of the year, but for your Frenchie, it’s definitely not. Wearing layers is a must-do task for these little gremlins, not only because we love to see them looking cute but also because we need to prevent them from hypothermia. The Snowflake French Bulldog Sweater will not only make your dog warm but also spotted and ready for the most magical part of the year.french bulldog sweater

Why does your French bulldog need to wear clothes?

As a Frenchie owner, you’ve probably heard of their tendency to quickly lose heat. Besides, they are also incapable to lower their body temperature during the warm months, so taking them outside can really look like a big deal.French bulldogs’ brachycephalic skulls are the main ‘culprits’ for such occurrences. Other reasons are their thin coats and short legs that keep their bellies closer to the ground. Therefore, putting clothes on French bulldogs is a matter of their health and not a matter of fashion.Besides buying warm clothes for the winter season, your French bulldog needs to have a summer wardrobe in his closet too. In our wide offer, you’ll find special pieces that will protect your dog from overheating. The fabrics we select for making summer protective clothes are lightweight, breathable, and provenly provide a cooling effect.When we talk about selecting winter clothes for your little gremlin, it’s essential to choose the right cut, size, and type of fabric. Besides hoodies and sweaters for moderate weather, your Frenchie gotta have a high-quality, warm winter jacket.french bulldog sweater

Why we love the Snowflake French bulldog sweater?

We are sure that you and your little pooch will adore this French bulldog sweater because it features soft and thick knitted cotton.Decorated with festive and fuzzy snowflakes, your Frenchie will get a holiday-inspired look for everyday wear. It is made in baby blue color, and the elastic fabric makes the dressing easier. A gentle design gives a final touch to fulfill a holiday atmosphere. Your dog will be ready for taking family photos and will stay warm and comfy to walk outside.french bulldog sweaterTo get complete protection from cold, we suggest you dress your pooch into a waterproof French bulldog jacket. In that way, you’ll keep his fur dry in snowy and rainy weather conditions.The Snowflake French bulldog sweater will fulfill every winter combination. The superior warmth, coziness, and quality of the fabric will make your dog confident and safe wherever he/she goes!