Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket- French Bulldog Life Vest

We all love to spend summer on the beach or by the pool and enjoy swimming. However, when we talk about taking our dogs with us, there are some concerns that we need to consider. Since not all dogs are natural swimmers, they need to wear a life vest when spending time in the water. On the other hand, choosing the right French bulldog life vest is also challenging. You need to find one that will have quality floating panels and that will be made of solid diving fabric. Our Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket is one of the best life vests to use on Frenchies. Let’s find out all the features of this dog life jacket.Shark Dog safety life jacket

Why To Wear Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket?

If you and your little Frenchie are planning to spend time by the pool or on the beach, buying a French bulldog life vest is a wise investment. It will not only save your dog from exertion but will also save his life. Since French bulldogs have flat skulls and elongated palates, they get tired quickly. Another feature that makes them bad swimmers is their stout body and short legs. French bulldog’s short neck is one more characteristic that makes them incapable to keep the head above water.Therefore, if you’re an owner of this breed, our advice is to buy a high-quality jacket that will last for years. Even good swimmers can tire and have trouble staying buoyant. So, it’s better to prevent your dog on time than confront a tragic situation. Wearing a French bulldog life vest is a matter of keeping your dog safe.shark dog safety life jacket

Why we love the Shark Dog Safety life jacket?

If you have started to search for a dog life vest for your Frenchie, there are some facts to consider.Fabric: Our Shark Dog safety life jacket is made of neoprene waterproof fabric and it’s padded with floating panels. The fabric is dirt-resistant and you can hand wash it to keep it clean.Handle: Every quality French bulldog life vest should have a handle on the back. It helps you to easier maneuver with your dog and makes it easier to teach him how to swim. Since many dogs feel confident when they first time jump into the water, a handle may serve as a great tool to help your Frenchie to feel relaxed. By guiding him, you’ll help him to get used ‘new situation’.Color: If you want to make you Frenchie more visible while swimming, then we suggest you choose neon and light colors of the life vest. Our Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket is available neon blue and yellow colors that are highly visible.Not only this French bulldog life vest will keep your dog safe, but he will also look so adorable while wearing it. There are reinforced stitches and also a D ring that will help you have a stroll with your dog by the open waters.shark dog safety life jacketAdjustable straps: the adjustable parts will help your dog to feel comfortable while wearing a life vest. You can set the size as your pup grows and they provide easy dressing on and off. It is also available in different sizes and we recommend you to follow the guide size before ordering.Shark dog safety life jacket also has a velcro closure, and the shark style fin will surely attract everyone’s attention. 
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