Reversible Waterproof Frenchie Vest

Have you checked whether your furry friend is ready for the winter season? Keeping a Frenchie warm and snug during the winter season is one of the most important rules every owner should stick to. These little gremlins can’t regulate their body temperature without clothes, so it’s important to wrap their round bodies into padded vests. Reversible Waterproof Frenchie Vest is made with special thermal fabric which will provide full-body support in cold weather as no other vest does. Keep your pup looking cute while staying comfortable all at once – even if he spits snow or sleet (or hail) back out again when warmed up after playing outside!

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Why you’re gonna love Reversible Waterproof Frenchie Vest?

The Reversible Waterproof Frenchie Vest is the perfect solution for those pooches who live in harsh weather conditions. This French bulldog jacket features waterproof nylon fabric on its outside and insulation to keep warm, while still maintaining breathable material inside of it. In that way, your Frenchie doesn’t overheat or get frostbite due to his sensitive skin that can be easily hurt by cold temperatures.

Reversible design

Every French bulldog owner will adore the reversible design that allows you to switch sides whenever you want. Choose between 5 colors with two varieties, and your dog will be always ready for winter adventures.

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Waterproof fabric

Thanks to a waterproof outer layer, your furry friend will stay dry in snowy and rainy weather. A special coating over a soft polyester makes this vest a perfect pick for wet weather conditions. The water will simply slide over the fabric, so your furry friend will stay safe from cold.

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Easy to take on and off

Thanks to a button closure on the chest part, you’ll easier get your dog ready for a walk. The buttons won’t twitch the dog’s hair and will last for years. There is also a hole for a leash, so you can quickly attach it before your leave the house.

How to match Reversible Waterproof Frenchie Vest?

In case your little gremlin needs more warmth when going outside, we suggest you match it with one of our French bulldog hoodies. Frenchie World® Basic Dog Hoodie is available in 6 colors and can be matched with many jackets and vests.

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Frenchie World® Camouflage Hoodie is our second pick that will be great to match with this French bulldog vest. The camouflage pattern is easy to match with monochrome clothes and is one of the most popular military-inspired fashion elements. It’s the print that can add more depth to your Frenchie’s outfit.

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