Rainbow Windbreaker French Bulldog Jacket

Want to make your dog snug and safe when walking on crispy spring and autumn days? Rainbow Windbreaker French Bulldog Jacket is one of those essentials that will make your pooch both stylish, chic, and warm. 

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says ‘spring’? For most of us, it’s a warm spring breeze and a lot of sun. However, what to do when the weather gets bad and the temperature goes down? Spring and autumn seasons might be quite risky for your pet’s health. It’s not only because everything starts to bloom in the spring but because your dog can get hypothermia if the temperature is too low. And…we don’t even have to mention rainy days. The best way to protect your dog’s fur from getting wet is to dress him/her into a protective dog jacket.

Why do we love the Rainbow Windbreaker French Bulldog Jacket?

Not only because of the design, but also because of the fabric, you’ll adore seeing your furry friend in this jacket. When choosing a French bulldog jacket, it’s important to pay attention to its cut and other performances. As we all know, French bulldogs have uniquely-shaped bodies. They are stout, round, and short, so they can’t wear dog clothes that you can first grab in your local pet shop.

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Waterproof and windbreaker fabric

What’s more important than protecting a dog from rain and wind? As a Frenchie owner, you have to know that these little batpigs are on a higher tendency to catch a cold, and runny nose when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, the Rainbow Windbreaker French bulldog jacket will be the perfect pick for temperatures below 13 C degrees. It features pp cotton lining that works as a thermal insulator.

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Attractive design

Colorful and vivid design is another reason why we love the Rainbow Windbreaker French bulldog jacket. It catches everyone’s eye and will certainly put your pet in the center of attention. And as a cherry on top, there is a Teddy Bear silhouette on the dog’s back. We’re sure you won’t find any cuter clothing pick for your Frenchie to walk in chilly weather.

Carefully tailored cut

Since Frenchies are one of a kind, they should wear specially designed clothes. This jacket features a high cut on the belly, and there is also an elastic band drawstring that goes around the dog’s belly. The cuffs are also elastic, and they make sure the jacket fits snuggly around the front legs.

How to spot signs of hypothermia in your French bulldog?

A dog who feels cold will start to shiver and get an increased heart rate. Rapid breathing will eventually be followed by shallower breath. Loss of consciousness, dilated pupils, paleness of the gums, and delayed reflexes will be the next stage of your furry friend’s hypothermia.

If left untreated, hypothermia can grow into severe cardiac and respiratory failure that may end up tragically.

Mild hypothermia: body temperature of 90 – 99°F

Moderate hypothermia: body temperature of 82 – 90°F

Severe hypothermia: any temperature less than 82°F

In case your furry friend often shivers when spending time outside in crispy weather, then you definitely need to dress him/her into a warm French bulldog jacket. Depending on the weather conditions, you can choose a windbreaker, raincoat, or a simple dog hoodie for your furry friend.

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