Pineapple Set French Bulldog T-shirt

When in need of a fancy piece of clothing for your Frenchie, you certainly want to find cozy and unique picks that will make your dog comfortable and spotted. Pineapple Set French Bulldog T-shirt is one of those essentials that will make your pooch look glamorous on every occasion.

Why we love Pineapple Set French Bulldog T-shirt?

Besides basic tees and hoodies, every Frenchie deserves to have several clothing combinations that will catch everyone’s eye. The Pineapple Set French Bulldog T-shirt is specially designed for all those four-legged girls who love being noticed. It is emblazoned with a cute collar that resembles the pineapple’s leaves. The fabric features a printed pattern with pineapples which ‘screams’ for the summer vibes.

Pleasant fabric

Cozy and pleasant fabric is another feature you’re gonna love about the Pineapple Set French Bulldog T-shirt. The soft cotton is lightweight but yet enough thick to make your pet snug on chilly spring days. Some pooches will be thankful to wear a protective layer during the spring that will keep them safe from environmental allergens.

At the same time, UV rays can cause redness and sunburns, so wearing lightweight clothes can help dogs with sensitive skin. Maybe you don’t know, but some dogs can have allergies to the sun rays. Their skin can become itchy and red, and even develop blisters and cuts due to scratching.

Adorable Set

Another feature that we love about the Pineapple Set French Bulldog T-shirt is the small clutch. Although it’s fake, your little girl will have a stylish detail for special occasions. It will also be a cute accessory when taking photos. Since it’s not sewn into the shirt, you can remove the clutch as needed.

Cozy Pick for everyday wear

Your little gremlin will enjoy wearing this adorable French bulldog t-shirt not only because of the soft fabric but also because of the cut. Since the fabric is stretchable, your pet will feel comfortable while running, jumping, walking, and doing all those witty things.

Easy Maintenance

You can wash this Frenchie T-shirt in a cold, soapy water. Machine washing is also allowed at 30 C. Ironing is not needed, since the fabric is elastic and it shapes according to your pet’s body.

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