Neon French Bulldog Life Jacket

The summer season is about to begin! For you and your pet, it means spending plenty of time outside and enjoying water adventures. On the other hand, French bulldog owners should pay special attention when taking these pooches to swim because of their inability to float. Since they have short legs, thick necks, and stout bodies, Frenchies and water don’t go hand in hand. Neon French Bulldog Life Jacket will become your and your dog’s most important tool for spending a peaceful summer season.

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Why do French bulldogs need life jackets?

As we all know, Frenchies have flat skulls, and they may have trouble breathing. Even though all dogs adore water games, French bulldogs are one of those pooches that can’t swim without wearing a life jacket.

Their brachycephalic skulls, short legs and necks, and round bodies are only some of the reasons why they won’t be able to float in deep waters. Even baby pools represent potential troubles for Frenchies. They sink like rocks, so their owners should never allow them to spend time by the water unattended.

Many French bulldog owners consider that their pets know to swim. However, note that these pooches quickly get tired, and only one wrong move can end up fatal.

Why we love Neon French Bulldog Life Jacket?

  • High-buoyancy panels

Quality floating panels are one of the most important features to search for when buying a dog life jacket. They should be padded with waterproof diving fabric or neoprene in order to keep a dog above the water. Neon French Bulldog Life Jacket features a solid panel on a dog’s back and both sides.

  • Reflective design and neon colors

Since it’s important to make your dog visible to others while swimming, choosing a dog life jacket in neon color will be a perfect pick. The Neon French Bulldog Life Jacket comes in gorgeous yellow neon color combined with silver and black..

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  • Chin holder

Chin holder is specially designed to keep the dog’s head above the water. In that way, the life vest makes a dog comfortable and safe from drowning. The floating chin holder won’t let the dog dive into the water.

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  • Practical handle

The Neon French Bulldog Life Jacket comes with a practical handle on a dog’s back that helps dog owners to save their pets in case of unplanned situations. The handle is also practical when taking the Frenchie out of water.

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  • Velcro closure

The Velcro closure is put on the dog’s belly and it allows you to set the size. Make sure you leave the space for one or two fingers so your pooch can feel relaxed in the water.

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