Mud Splash Dog Tank Shirt By Frenchie World

If you’re searching for a lightweight piece of French bulldog clothing that will protect your pooch from different harmful elements, then it’s the ultimate time to check our Mud Splash Dog Tank Shirt by Frenchie World.

mud splash dog tank shirt

When to wear the Mud Splash Dog Tank Shirt by Frenchie World?

Since it’s made of breathable and thin cotton, this French bulldog shirt will keep your dog safe from different allergens such as seasonal pollen, dust, mites, and insect bites.

Besides, it can protect your dog’s skin from sunrays so it can be very handy to wear it in hot weather as well. Since Frenchies have sensitive skin, it’s very important to protect them from harmful UV rays.

This Frenchie shirt is suitable to be worn on chilly spring and fall days. It’s elastic, soft in touch, and the fabric is skin-friendly.

mud splash dog tank shirt

What does the Mud Splash Dog Tank Shirt by Frenchie World feature?

  • Breathable fabric

There’s nothing worse than wearing clothes made of unpleasant fabrics. And when we talk about French bulldogs, this is an important feature to consider due to their tendency to suffer from allergies. Allergies in French bulldogs can be triggered by different factors. When we talk about the environmental types of allergies, fabric plays an important role. Pooches who have a tendency to show itchiness due to wearing polyester clothes should be allowed to wear only clothes made of natural and breathable fabrics.

  • Elastic cut

Due to their unique-shaped bodies, these batpigs require wearing elastic clothes that won’t make pressure around the neck. Frenchies are notorious for their breathing restriction, so that’s why you should choose a cut with an elastic neckline as well. Besides, the clothes for these pooches shouldn’t be too long in order to escape potty messes when going to walks.

  • Easy to match

Since it’s made in the wonderful colorful pattern, you can match this Mud Splash Dog Tank Shirt with other pieces of your French bulldog clothing. It’s available in 2 colors and represents a perfect pick for breezy spring or fall days.

  • Easy maintenance

You can wash this lovely Mud Splash Frenchie shirt in a machine at 30 c or cold soapy water.

  • Keeps your house free of your dog’s hair

Aside from the previously mentioned facts, this Mud Splash Dog Tank Shirt can be worn to keep the house free of your pet’s hair. It will stop spreading the dead hair all over your living place.

Why does your Frenchie need to wear clothes?

Since Frenchies belong to brachycephalic dog breeds, they’re not capable to regulate their body temperature. That’s why we should provide them with appropriate summer or winter clothes. During the summer months, French bulldogs can wear Cooling vests. They are made of special heat-resistant fabrics that won’t overheat the dog. To get a better effect, you can also soak the vest in the water. As your dog walks, the vest will gradually become dry and provide the dog with a pleasant cooling effect.


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