Mesh Cooling French Bulldog Vest

How many times have you wondered what will be the best summer-cooling items to keep your Frenchie safe during the summer season? Fortunately, with so many items, your little gremlin will be able to spend a peaceful summer season and enjoy outdoor adventures with you. Mesh Cooling French Bulldog Vest is specially created to help your dog to maintain his optimal body temperature. It features a middle layer that serves as water storage, so your pet will get a cooling effect for a prolonged period of time.

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Why is it important to buy Mesh Cooling Vest for Your French bulldog?

Dog cooling vests are carefully made to support and keep your dog safe in the hot weather. They usually consist of heat-resistance fabric, a water storage layer, and breathable mesh that improves ventilation. Besides they help dogs to maintain their optimal body temperature, they can also be very helpful in keeping their skin safe from harmful UV rays. As we all know, French bulldogs have one layer of thin coats that can’t provide enough protection against different harmful elements. That’s why these batpigs often suffer from skin allergies and develop skin irritations.

mesh cooling french bulldog vest

Why you’re gonna love to dress your dog into Mesh Cooling French Bulldog Vest?

  • Three protective layers

Unlike other summer cooling vests for Frenchies that feature only one layer of fabric, this one consists of three layers. The outside layer is made of breathable mesh that improves ventilation ad releases heat. The middle layer is water storage that stays wet for a long time, while the inner layer transmits the cooling effect to the skin.

  • Adjustable buckles

Two adjustable straps by both sides are easy to adjust, while buckles are made of solid plastic and are easy to open and close.

  • Attractive design

This French bulldog vest is available in two colors that doesn’t attract heat. A lovely rainbow/neon pattern is suitable for girls, while boys will prefer royal blue color.

  • Easy to dress

We all search for practical products that will ease our lives. Therefore, you should be guided by the same principle in choosing clothes for your dog. Our four-legged friends can’t tell us if something bothers them, so we need to monitor their behavior and spot any strange sign on time. Mesh Cooling French Bulldog Vest can be dressed in one move and it doesn’t feature multiple straps that will make your dog nervous. The neckline and all edges are carefully padded to prevent your pooch from potential skin irritations.

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