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Spending time near open waters in the summer sounds great both for a dog and its owner. However, when we talk about Frenchies, these little batpigs can’t swim without wearing life swimming vests. They may initially seem like unnecessary items, but for French bulldogs, they are a life-savior option. Even if your dog ‘knows to swim’ French bulldog jackets should be must-have items in your pet’s closet.

french bulldog life jackets
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Should I get a French bulldog life jacket for my Frenchie?

If you own a brachycephalic dog breed, you need to know that your dog should not be allowed to spend time in the water without wearing a life vest.

One of the reasons why French bulldogs can’t swim are their short and compact bodies. In comparison with retriever breeds that have paws predisposed for swimming, Frenchies’ short legs aren’t capable to keep their bodies floating.

Another feature that makes Frenchies incapable to swim is the flat skull. Their shortened nostrils and soft palates restrict the normal airflow which becomes worse during physical exertions such as swimming.

Therefore, French bulldog life jackets should be used to support floating and prevent your dog from drowning. Knowing how to properly use a swimming vest is essential for every Frenchie owner who likes to spend time near water.

What to look for when buying French bulldog life jackets?

Life jackets are made of the material called buoyant. It is a sort of waterproof and dirtproof fabric that has floating panels in the inner part. The floating and padded panels are situated around the dog’s chest and on his back. In that way, the dogs get full-body support.

Most dog life vests come with a handle on the back that allows you to grab a dog in case of an emergency. The handles are usually covered with a rubber that prevents slipping when you try to grab it. Let’s discover all the facts you need to consider when buying French bulldog jackets.


Since Frenchies have round bellies and short bodies, it’s essential to properly measure your dog’s size. It’s a primary factor that will relieve you whether the life jacket you want to buy for your pet is convenient. In our product descriptions, you can find the size guide for every item you want to order.


Since no dog likes to be bothered by taking the clothes on and off, we recommend you to search for a Frenchie life jacket with a D-ring. It will be of great help when you want to hook the leash to have a walk by the sea.


Buckles on French bulldog life jackets should be made of high-quality material. They are better than snaps and hook and loop fasteners. You’ll need only a second to release your Frenchie when you decide to take it off.


Choosing the right color is also of high importance when your dog swims. Neon and light colors are always a better choice because they make your Frenchie more visible in the water.


If your pooch is a master of surprises, then the scene of him jumping into the water looks predictable, right? Well, that’s why we advise you to buy a French bulldog life jacket with a handle.

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