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French bulldog jackets and coats are great to use in those crisp fall and winter days when your dog requires to stay safe from coldness. In our store, you’ll be able to find over a hundred French bulldog jackets and coats that have been carefully crafted to fit this breed.

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French bulldog jackets for the spring and autumn season

There are several things to consider when buying Frenchie jackets for the spring and autumn season. Spring jackets should be lightweight and made of breathable fabrics that will be perfect when going out in breezy spring days. They’ll also help your pet to stay safe from insect bites, ticks, and seasonal pollen that can trigger the allergy in your pet.

On the other hand, we all know that both the autumn and spring weather conditions can be very tricky. In one minute, you can enjoy having a walk in sunny weather, and then just –Voila! Here it comes the rain. Therefore, you should prepare your Frenchie for all those unpredictable situations. Buying waterproof and windproof jackets are one of the most important pieces of clothing your dog gotta own. Lightweight raincoats are another option to keep your pup safe in the rain. Besides basic types of raincoats, you can also find those padded with soft fleece for providing better warmth.

French bulldog jackets and coats for the winter season

Winter season is the part of the year when you need to pay extra attention to your Frenchie. These pooches should not be allowed to spend an extended period of time outside and must wear protective French bulldog jackets and boots. Our rich collection of winter jackets and coat offers you different types of cuts and fabrics. Besides those filled with felt, you can find Frenchie jumpsuits that cover their whole body.

That’s one of the best ways to keep French bulldogs safe from getting frostbites and showing signs of hypothermia. Most of our jackets are made of waterproof fabrics that will allow your pet to spend time even when it’s snowing outside. Rolling in the snow will become your dog’s favorite sport! Wearing jackets with hoods is also advisable to keep the French bulldog’s wide-opened ears protected. Since the skin on the ears is very thin, there is a possibility to get frostbites when spending time in the snow.

What to look for when buying French bulldog jackets?

In case you are searching to buy a jacket for everyday wear, you should consider choosing an easy to dress jacket. Dogs don’t like to spend time in dressing up and tend to become nervous if something makes them uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure that your pooch got used to wear lightweight clothes before you start to ‘bother’ him/her with thick jackets. For example, you can practice wearing clothes by teaching him to spend time in cotton Frenchie pajamas at home.

Another tip when choosing a jacket for a Frenchie is to find the one that won’t make unnecessary and uncomfortable pressure. The neck cut should also be wide enough to allow your dog to move head freely.  A jacket for a Frenchie should have a hole for a leash or an attached part to hook the leash as well.

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