I Love My Mommy Frenchie T-shirt

Looking for the perfect French bulldog shirt to make your dog safe and comfy? Wearing perfectly fitted clothes can help your Frenchie to feel cozy during walks. Besides clothes serves to make your dog snug, they can also be worn during the warm months when we all require sun protection.

Why we love the I Love Mommy Frenchie T-shirt?

The French bulldog is a lively, cheerful, and affectionate dog who loves to catch everyone’s attention. Even though they’re considered low-energy dogs, Frenchies love to be involved in every part of their owners’ lives.

Since they’re famous for their iconic appearances, it’s not surprising why their owners adore dressing them in fancy and trendy clothes. This French bulldog t-shirt can serve different occasions. From casual and relaxing walks through the neighborhood, to those special occasions when we love to make them stylish. Frenchies will know to respond to every task wherever they appear.

When to wear the I Love My Mommy Frenchie T-shirt?

  • Pleasant and breathable fabric

Since it’s made of stretchable cotton, your dog can wear it in different weather conditions. Whether on a spring day to stay protected from seasonal allergens or in crispy and cloudy weather, your pooch will enjoy a superior touch. The cotton is perfect for dogs who suffer from allergies. It allows the skin to breathe and doesn’t make the dog uncomfortable.

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  • Cute design

We bet every Frenchie mom would love to see her batpig wearing a shirt inspired by the love they feel for each other. This adorable print will tell everyone how much you love your little gremlin and that only dogs can love us unconditionally.

  • Comfortable cut

French bulldogs are recognizable for their stout, round, and muscular bodies. They are also short, so it can be difficult to find the clothes that will suit them properly. This French bulldog shirt is carefully made to suit their unique bodies. It isn’t too tight, so your pooch will feel comfortable when going on walks and doing all those crazy things that Frenchies adore.

  • Easy maintenance

Since it’s made of cotton, you can wash this Frenchie shirt in a washing machine at 30 C.

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  • Easy to match

On those days when your pet needs an extra layer to stay safe in cold weather, you can also match this shirt with one of our warm French bulldog jackets. Depending on the season, you can choose lighter or thicker jackets made of waterproof and wind-resistant fabrics.

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