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French bulldog hoodies present a perfect pick for cold days when you want to keep your pet warm. When it gets windy, snowy and rainy, your pooch searches for an extra layer to stay protected. Since Frenchies are one of those breeds that require wearing clothes, hoodies should become essential items in their wardrobe.

Our vast collection of French bulldog hoodies includes different types and cuts that are made of breathable and natural fabrics. Therefore, they won’t cause skin irritations and uncomfortable feeling while wearing.

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How to choose the right French bulldog hoodie?

Choose the right size

One of the first things you need to keep in mind when buying French bulldog hoodies is to take the right measures. Since French bulldogs are unique in many ways, the size of their bodies is one of the things that may affect choosing the right hoodie. Carefully measure the length of your dog’s back and the circumference of his neck and belly. To take the appropriate circumference of your dog’s belly, you should measure the widest part of the chest (under the front legs). Since Frenchies are one of the shortest breeds, our hoodies have been tested to make sure if they’ll fit these little gremlins properly.

Choose the right fabric

Frenchies are notorious for their tendency to show allergies to unpleasant materials. That’s why we’ve selected French bulldog hoodies that are made of cotton and cotton blends. When you take your dog for a walk in cold temperatures, you can choose cotton blends. They act are known for thermal properties and will make your pooch warm.

On the other hand, in those breezy spring days, your French bulldog can wear a lightweight basic hoodie that will keep him safe not only from tricky weather but will also keep his skin free of seasonal pollen. Seasonal pollen can be one of the triggers for environmental allergies in your pooch. Hoodies made of cotton would be enough to keep your dog protected.

Consider the season

Considering the type of season is also essential when picking a French bulldog hoodie for your little gremlin. In our vast collection, you can find hoodies with padded inner parts that will prevent your pet from hypothermia. Hoodies with zippers are especially practical when you need an ’easy to dress’ hoodie for your Frenchie. For protecting the dogs’ ears from wind, you might like the hoodie that comes with a hood.

Enough space to hook the leash

Another thing to keep in mind when buying French bulldog hoodies is to search for those that have an opened place on the back to hook the leash. There are also hoodies that come with the attached sewn part to attach the leash.

Dress to impress – French bulldog hoodies for special occasions

We all want to make our dogs looking cute and spotted on special occasions. Whether it’s someone’s birthday party, Christmas or some other holiday, we all like to wear festive outfits. Therefore, why not make your pet look special too? Our collection of French bulldog hoodies includes both sporty and casual pieces so you can even match your dog’s outfit with yours.

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