Heart Winter French Bulldog Sweater

If you’re looking for a perfect girly French bulldog sweater, that will make your pup both warm and stylish, look no more because this pick will become the favorite one for your little princess.

Why we love Heart Winter French Bulldog Sweater?

One of the things we love the most about this Heart Winter French Bulldog Sweater is the warm and soft fabric. The fabric resembles a plush, but it’s actually so thick and elastic. Therefore, your pup won’t feel unpleasant while jumping, rolling, and doing all those witty activities.

Unlike other sweaters that can cause discomfort and irritations, this one is skin-friendly. It means that it doesn’t stitch the skin and make your dog nervous. Made of superior cotton, this sweater is a perfect pick for Frenchies with a tendency to allergies.

The cut is tailored according to the body proportions of French bulldogs. Therefore, your pet won’t experience potty messes or have troubles with the length of the sleeves. Since Frenchies have stout and short bodies, choosing the right cut might sound challenging. That’s why we’ve previously checked whether the cut will suit these little gremlins.

A slightly elevated turtle neck is elastic and serves to protect this body area from cold. It can be very uncomfortable for a dog to feel the coldness and wind when going to strolls. That’s why, we suggest you choose French bulldog clothing with turtle neck for going outside in the winter.

The Heart Winter French Bulldog Sweater can also be worn on special occasions because it features a lovely, girly pattern. Decorated with a heart on the back, this Frenchie sweater will make your princess spotted wherever she goes.

The bottom edge and cuffs are ribbed, and double reinforces to keep the sweater in good shape for a long time. You can wash it in cold water (30 C) and there’s no need to be ironed.

Why does your Frenchie need to wear sweater?

Unlike other dogs, French bulldogs can’t regulate their body temperature when spending time in cold weather. It is a common feature of all brachycephalic dogs. Besides, they possess only one layer of thin coat that isn’t enough to keep them warm.

Therefore, buying clothes for these batpigs isn’t only a matter of fashion. It’s a matter of their health too. If you take your Frenchie outside in temperatures under 15 C, it’s recommended to dress him/her into protective clothes.

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