Fuzzy Zip Up French Bulldog Vest

Thinking about your Frenchie’s safety in the cold weather is one of the biggest concerns of every owner. These cute batpigs don’t go hand in hand with harsh weather conditions and require wearing multiple layers of clothes to stay warm. Fuzzy Zip Up French Bulldog Vest is an ideal pick for chilly and cozy days that will help your dog to maintain his/her optimal body temperature.

When to wear Fuzzy Zip Up French Bulldog Vest?

Fuzzy Zip Up French Bulldog Vest features a soft and fuzzy fleece, so it can make your dog warm when going on walks. Besides, it can be worn over hoodies and sweaters in extremely cold weather when your dog needs extra layers to stay protected.

A half-elevated turtle neck serves to protect your dog’s neck from the cold and wind. It is elastic, so your pet won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it.

The zipper closure makes the dressing easier, so your pooch will be ready for a walk in a minute. Your dog will especially enjoy the soft and gentle fabric that won’t cause any skin irritations. Since we all know that these little gremlins react sensitively to unpleasant fabrics, their owners should pay attention when choosing clothes for them.

Another precaution when buying clothes for French bulldogs is to find the right cut. Frenchies have unique body proportions, so they can’t wear clothes that fit most dog breeds. French bulldogs have stout and round bodies, and thick necks. Therefore, you should buy clothes that feature high cuts in order to keep the dog’s belly dry.

How to match the Fuzzy Zip Up French Bulldog Vest?

Your dog can wear this Fuzzy Zip Up French Bulldog Vest with a lightweight sweatshirt or a hoodie. Since it features a plain design, your dog can match it with colorful clothes to get a spotted outfit.

In case you need to take your dog outside in extremely cold weather, or suggestion is to wear it under a waterproof French bulldog jacket. A waterproof French bulldog jacket should feature a warm and thick lining, so your dog will be available to spend more time outside in the winter.

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