Frenchie World Camouflage Hoodie

During the chilly spring and autumn days, your Frenchie needs an extra layer to stay safe and warm. Since it has a short coat and flat muzzle, a Frenchie’s airways aren’t capable to warm up the air it inhales. That’s why this breed is at high risk to suffer from hypothermia and requires wearing clothes. Today, we are going to represent you with the Frenchie World Camouflage Hoodie which should become your dog’s ‘must-have’ piece of clothing this season.

Frenchie World Camouflage hoodie- The best-selling pick in 2020

No doubt, finding the right cut for your Frenchie isn’t easy. Since they have short and stout bodies, regular-sized dog hoodies will make them look ridiculous. The sleeves will be too long, while the cut on the back will go over his butt. That’s why is important to buy French bulldog clothes in stores that are specialized for this breed. Luckily, Frenchie World is one of them.

Only the Frenchie owners are familiar with the feeling of happiness when they find the appropriate clothes for their pooches. And, since these little fellows so desperately need them, it’s the ultimate time to refresh your Frenchie’s wardrobe with trendy and comfy picks. And, of course, Frenchie World Camouflage hoodie is one of them.

frenchie world camouflage hoodie


This French bulldog hoodie is available in three colors. Besides the basic camouflage pattern, you can choose between blue for boys and pink variety for girls. It is made of 100% cotton and it’s enough stretchable to sustain all your pet’s activities. Whether you go for a stroll, play fetch or play hide and seek, your little gremlin will surely feel comfortable while wearing it.

Another essential fact we need to mention is that the cuffs on the sleeves are made of ribbed and elastic cotton. Therefore, your batpig won’t have issues with the length of the sleeves.

When we talk about the cut, our designers decided to make a short cut so your pet can freely go to the potty without making any messes. There is also a hole for a leash which is very important to consider given that dog owners need practical clothes for their dogs.

frenchie world camouflage hoodie

What are the benefits of wearing clothes for Frenchies?

Besides their tendency to hypothermia, these pooches have one-layered coats. Well, now you’re probably thinking what does it mean. The term one-layered coat means that a dog doesn’t have extra protection against different harmful elements. Whether it’s an allergen or UV rays, these dogs may be on a higher tendency to suffer from allergies.

Therefore, our Frenchie World Camouflage hoodie can also serve as a protection against environmental allergens. Seasonal pollen, dust, mites, molds, and insects could be only some of the issues that can make your dog’s skin itchy and irritated.

frenchie world camouflage hoodie


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