Frenchie World® Basic Embroidered Hoodie

If you’re a French bulldog owner who cares about your dog’s comfort and safety, then we are sure you would like to see your little gremlin dressed in the Frenchie World® basic embroidered hoodie. Made of superior, preshrunk cotton blend, this French Bulldog hoodie represents a must-have piece in your dog’s wardrobe.

Frenchie World® basic embroidered hoodie

Why does your Frenchie need to wear a hoodie?

As we all know, Frenchies can easily catch a cold if we don’t dress them in protective and warm clothes. They have flat skulls and thin coats that can’t warm them up in cold weather conditions. A French bulldog’s brachycephalic skull makes this breed incapable to maintain the optimal body temperature.

Since Frenchies can start showing symptoms of hypothermia only after a few minutes spent in cold weather, it’s essential to observe your dog’s body language and react on time if any strange symptoms occur.

Frenchie World® basic embroidered hoodie

Why we love Frenchie World® basic embroidered hoodie?

Frenchie World® basic embroidered hoodie features a simple and clean design that is easy to match. It comes in 4 colors and has an embroidered Frenchie’s head on the back.

This hoodie will add a great addition to your Frenchie’s winter and autumn wardrobe. It’s made of a thick cotton blend that is pleasant in touch and helps in keeping a dog warm when spending time outside.

The inner side of a hoodie features a fuzzy and soft layer that provides a ‘blanket feeling’. When the days are getting shorter, your little gremlin will need an extra layer to feel more comfortable and safe. And, what will be better than wearing a quality and cozy French bulldog hoodie on a brisk autumn or winter day?

The ribbed cuffs and hem will keep the cut of a hoodie in good shape, while the hood can be used to protect the dog in rainy and windy weather. There is also a hole on the back where you can attach the leash to the collar. If you think that your pet needs a thicker layer of clothes, your dog can wear it under a winter vest or jacket too.

How to choose the right size of a French bulldog hoodie?

Since Frenchies have short and stout bodies, choosing the right size might sound difficult. However, by following our chart size, you’ll surely pick the right size for your pooch. Take the measure of your dog’s stomach circumference, and length of his back. In our online store, you’ll find clothes that suit Frenchies, so you won’t have any trouble when choosing the cut.

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