French Bulldog Swimming Life Jacket

How many times did you want to take your Frenchie to spend a day on the beach with you? Since we all know that these little gremlins can’t swim, we need to think about how to keep them safe during the summer season. For most of us, it’s a favorite part of the year when we all want to enjoy endless lying by the pool, drinking ice tea or a cocktail, and swimming. To make your pet safe and comfortable near water, we recommend you check our French Bulldog Swimming Life Jacket.

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Why French bulldogs can’t swim?

Frenchies can’t swim due to their brachycephalic skulls, short legs, stout bodies, and short necks. They can float because they quickly get tired and start to experience trouble with breathing. If you allow your Frenchie to swim without a life swimming jacket, it can end up fatal. Dogs drown quickly because it’s enough just one sip and water inhaling to sink like rocks.

Therefore, buying a French bulldog life jacket is over needed if you own this breed.

What makes the French bulldog swimming life jacket perfect for swimming?

High-quality float panels

Buying a dog life vest with high-buoyancy panels is priceless. They are the most important parts of the dog life vests because they’ll help your pooch float. A dog life jacket should be specially designed for outdoor adventures such as rafting, kayaking, boating, and swimming. Since the French bulldog swimming life jacket strategically placed closed cell-floating panels, your pet will swim naturally and safely. Flotation in the under-chest panel supports the heavier shoulder area and helps in keeping your Frenchie’s head above the water.

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Reflective parts

This French bulldog swimming life jacket comes in pink and orange colors. Besides, it features reflective parts that make your dog visible to boats and other swimmers.

Adjustable straps

You’ll be able to set the straps that go around your Frenchie’s neck and belly.  Easy-to-clip buckles firmly hold straps and allow easy dressing.

Durable handle

The handle is padded and specially positioned to help quick saving and taking a dog from the water. It can be very handy when you want to help your dog to get out from the water quickly. A special harness construction secures Frenchies inside the life vest, so they cannot wriggle or slip out when being lifted.

Metal D ring to attach the leash

In case you want to have a walk by the sea, river, or lake, you don’t need to take off this dog life jacket from your Frenchie’s body. The metal D ring is tightly sewn into the vest, and it won’t crack even after several years of use.