Transparent French Bulldog Summer Protective Jacket

If you adore spending time outdoors with your lovely Frenchie, there are some precautions to keep in mind. French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to get heatstroke during the summer months due to their brachycephalic skulls. Besides, they have one-layered coats and sensitive skin that can become red and hot if become exposed to direct sunlight. That’s why we want to introduce you to our Transparent French bulldog summer protective jacket. It’s made of breathable fabric that won’t overheat your Frenchie but will provide the essential UV sun protection.

When to use a Transparent French bulldog summer protective jacket?

Unlike other French bulldog jackets that are designed for colder months, this one can be worn in the summer. It’s made of breathable and lightweight fabric that allows the skin to breathe. However, thanks to this thin layer of fabric, your pooch will get the over-needed sun protection and will be less prone to become overheated.

Besides, your dog can wear this French bulldog jacket as protection of environmental allergens. Therefore, if your pup shows allergic reactions to pollen, dust, mites, and insect bites, this piece of wardrobe will become the ultimate solution.

Transparent French Bulldog Summer Protective Jacket

What does Transparent French Bulldog Summer Protective Jacket feature?

Aside from previously mentioned features, this French bulldog jacket is easy to dress on and take off. It’s especially handy for pooches that don’t like feeling of tightness some clothes provide.

Thanks to button closure, your pet won’t experience hair twitching or any other irritating effect.

The neckline is wide enough to prevent choking and if your dog wants a comfortable feeling, you can leave the unbuttoned button at the top.

This Transparent French bulldog Summer Protective Jacket can be washed in cold soapy water and ironing is not needed. It’s available in different colors and many sizes, so it can fit both puppies and senior gremlins.

Another great thing about this piece of clothing is that it features a high cut on the belly and back. Therefore, your batpig won’t make potty messes.

The cuffs on the sleeves are double sewn and they come in ¾ length. It is especially beneficial for short dog breeds such as Frenchies.

The jacket takes up little space, so you can even pack it in your pocket.

Transparent French Bulldog Summer Protective Jacket

Highlights of Transparent French bulldog summer protective jacket:

  • Water and stain repelling fabric that dries quickly
  • UPF 40+
  • easy care, hand washable
  • Ventilation throughout the body for breathability
  • Technical sun protection when going to strolls
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Fabric wicks moisture to keep your French bulldog cool and comfortable.
  • Made of polyester organza
  • Emblazoned in summer patterns
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