French Bulldog Summer Cooling Jacket

Keeping French bulldogs safe in the summer might sound challenging because of their brachycephalic skulls and restricted airflow. That’s why it’s essential to think about how to prevent them from overheating by using different cooling items. French Bulldog Summer Cooling Jacket represents an ultimate solution for keeping a Frenchie cool and fresh when going to strolls in the summer. Thanks to special gel packs in the backpack, your dog will keep his temperature in optimal ranges for a long time.

French Bulldog Summer Cooling Jacket

Why to use our French Bulldog Summer Cooling Jacket?

Although it may seem ordinary at first glance, this Frenchie summer vest is actually very beneficial for your pet. It’s made of mesh that is famous as one of the best fabrics that improve ventilation. Therefore, your batpig won’t feel hot or get any skin irritation while wearing it. The elastic cut is easy to dress on and take off, while the armpit and neck area have double sewn edges to make your dog comfortable.

french bulldog summer cooling jacket

What is the purpose of a backpack on a dog’s back?

You’re probably wondering why does your need a backpack and what its purpose is. Well, besides it looks like a cute and fancy accessorize, it plays the most important role in keeping your Frenchie safe from overheating.

French Bulldog Summer Cooling Jacket comes with 4 gel packs that you need to cool off and place in a backpack on a dog’s back. They’ll help your Frenchie in dealing with high temperatures by gradually releasing a cooling effect. Besides your Frenchie’s head, his back is known as the sport that heats up the most. That’s why we’ve decided to design such a backpack that won’t make your dog uncomfortable to feel something freezy on its skin. No matter how hot outside is, no one likes to experience a temperature shock which is dangerous to health.

How does French Bulldog Summer Cooling Jacket work?

You may use this French bulldog summer cooling jacket in many ways. The first one is to dress on the dog and to place cold gel packs in his backpack. The second way is to dress a wet vest that was previously soaked in cold water and to place cold gel packs in a backpack. In that way you’ll provide your Frenchie with an additional cooling effect.

The third way is to wear this dog vest in the spring and autumn seasons. The purpose of wearing can be to place snacks and potty bags in a backpack instead of using cold gel packs.

french bulldog summer cooling jacket

More than just a fashion statement, this French bulldog summer cooling jacket features complete protection during the summer months. However, besides using summer essentials for French bulldogs, it’s important to consider the following facts to make good prevention of heatstroke.

1- Don’t leave your dog in a parked car even when the windows are opened.

2- Make sure your Frenchie always has enough water to drink.

3- Avoid going for a walk during the hottest part of the day.

4- Provide your Frenchie with good shade and ventilation.

5- Do not overfeed a dog during the summer season. Instead, it’s better to switch to multiple smaller meals.

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