French Bulldog Plush Pig Hoodie- The Cutest Hoodie For Your Dog!

Less sun, more layers. That’s how we would describe stepping into cold months. And, for your Frenchie, it means wearing layers too. Since these little gremlins can’t sustain walking in cold weather, it’s essential to dress them in warm clothes. French bulldog plush pig hoodie is inspired by the iconic Frenchie’s physique and can be worn on different occasions. Whether you need a dog costume for your Frenchie or just a cute and warm hoodie, this pick will surely catch your eye.

french bulldog plush pig hoodie

Why choose French bulldog plush pig hoodie?

  • Pleasant fabric

No Frenchie likes to wear something that would bother their sensitive skin. Since they are on a tendency to suffer from skin allergies, it would be good to choose a hoodie made of soft and pleasant fabric. The French bulldog plush pig hoodie features thick, cozy, and quality plush that can be washed in a washing machine at 30 C. Besides, the color won’t fade even after many washes and shrink or lose the shape.

Besides your dog will look incredibly cute, this Frenchie hoodie represents the perfect pick for Halloween parties. This costume will perfectly fit your dog’s personality because we all know how much these dogs love to eat. Embroidered with a piggy tail, muzzle and ears on the hood, your little gremlin will become the center of attention.

french bulldog plush pig hoodie

  • Elastic cut

Another good news about this French bulldog hoodie is the elastic cut. It’s not only a costume, but it’s also comfortable to wear throughout the year. Therefore, your pet will be able to freely jump, climb, and roll in the grass as much as he wants.

  • An ideal pick for chilly fall days

As an owner of the French bulldog breed, you’re probably aware of the fact that these pooches have only one-layered coats. Aside from that, their flat skulls are also one of the culprits for their inability to regulate body temperature. This French bulldog plush pig hoodie can be worn on temperatures below C degrees and it’s an ideal pick for chilly and breezy days and evenings.

  • Protection against allergens

Another reason why you should dress your Frenchie is to protect them from environmental allergens. Seasonal pollen of trees and grass can be only some of the potential culprits for a dog’s itchy skin, rash, and blisters. Therefore, we suggest you use clothes as mechanical protection against allergies. Other environmental allergy triggers that can cause troubles to your dog are insect bites, mites, dirt, and dust.

french bulldog pig plush hoodie

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