French Bulldog Life Swimming Vest by Frenchie World

If you’ve decided to spend a day on the beach with your lovely Frenchie, then you should know that your pup will need the help of a French bulldog life swimming vest. It will keep him/ her safe in the water and improve floating. There is a common misconception that every dog has a natural instinct to swim, without being thaught. And, while it’s true for many dog breeds, it’s not the case with Frenchies. French bulldogs can’t swim for an extended time, although they seem to know pretty well what they are doing. That’s why we want to introduce you to our French bulldog life swimming vest by Frenchie World.

Can French bulldogs swim?

French bulldogs are not biologically designed to swim. Since they have brachycephalic skulls, they can’t breathe enough air to stay floating in the water. Because of their flat faces, Frenchies will instinctively tilt their head up to keep the noses up on the surface. However, this reaction will cause their body to go down and turn them in almost vertical position. Unfortunately, if you don’t react quickly, such moments can end tragically for your dog.

French bulldogs’ flat skulls can also cause breathing problems during different physical activities. Due to this reason, Frenchies are prone to obesity and their owners should pay a special attention to maintaining their weight within normal limits.

Therefore, to make your dog safe in the water, you should dress him/her into the French bulldog life swimming vest. It will prevent your dog from drowning and unwanted situations to happen.

To make sure your Frenchie isn’t afraid of water, we advise you to gradually introduce him to this activity. The key to success is to spend time near water from an early age. For example, you can install a baby pool in your yard or to play in your bathtub to make a positive association to such activity.


What Does French bulldog life swimming vest feature?

Besides it’s made of a diving fabric, this French bulldog life swimming vest features high-buoyancy floating panels by both sides.
It is ensured with adjustable belts, so your pet will have a maximum comfort and safety at the same time.
Two belts on the dog’s back are reflective to improve visibility, while the ventilation holes are put on the belly area to release the heat.
This swimming jacket is easy to dress on and take off, and thanks to Velcro closure on the belly, your pet will get a snug and safe effect while swimming.
The plastic D ring on a dog’s back will be especially handy when you want to have a walk by the sea or ocean. Besides, this French bulldog life jacket features a mesh fabric on the belly to prevent a dog from overheating. The vest is available in many sizes and colors, and will surely make your pet comfy to wear it.
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