French Bulldog Halloween Headwear

Halloween party is closer than ever and we are sure that you’re looking for a unique costume for your Frenchie that will make him/her stand out from the crowd. Not only you but also your little gremlin deserves to take all the attention during family photo shooting. Luckily, with this French Bulldog Halloween Headwear, no one will be able to steal the glory from your pooch.

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Why we love French bulldog Halloween headwear?

Well, we all got used to seeing dogs dressed in costumes from head to paws. However, this one is quite different because it won’t restrict your dog’s activity and bother his body.

Since it’s a simple headwear that is easy to put on a dog’s head, your furry batpig will still have a unique costume, while staying comfy all day long. You can even spice your dog’s outfit by dressing him in different clothes that will help him stay warm and safe from the cold.

Unique and spooky detail

This French bulldog costume is available in 6 options that are easy to place on your dog’s head. You can choose between scissors, chopper, ax, syringe, knife, and saw to make your pooch ready for trick or treat party. The headwear is made of plastic which is elastic and easy to put on and take off. And, what is most important…your little gremlin won’t feel uncomfortable by wearing it because the headwear will shape gently around his/her head.

The bloody ax, knife, chopper, syringe, scissors, and saw look like they’re partly in the dog’s head which brings the scary and spooky effect.

And seeing a dog with a stabbed, bloody knife or some other cold weapon will surely freeze the blood in everyone’s veins. French bulldog Halloween Headwear will allow you to watch a horror movie live. 

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In case you want to make your pooch both warm and scary on Halloween night, then we suggest you dress him/her in the following Glow In The Dark Skeleton Jumpsuit.

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It’s made of pleasant cotton that will protect your Frenchie from hypothermia and make him comfortable during all types of daily activities. Since it’s emblazoned with a dog skeleton on the back, it will be the right pick for the Halloween celebration. The printed skeleton absorbs the daily light and it glows in the night. Is there a better French bulldog Halloween costume than this one? To get the best effect, your dog can match it with our French bulldog Halloween headwear and he/she will surely take the spotlight.

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