Emotional Appeasing Clothes: Dog Anxiety Jacket

 Does your dog look like he’s unable to settle down after realizing that you’re preparing to leave the house? Your dog’s strange behavior shouldn’t go unnoticed because it can represent a sign of separation anxiety. Dogs can also express anxious behavior during storms, firework, and other stressful situations. That’s why we want to introduce you to the Emotional Appeasing Clothes: Dog Anxiety Jacket. This French bulldog jacket can make your dog relaxed and calm during different stressful situations.

How does Emotional Appeasing Clothes: Dog Anxiety Jacket help your French bulldog?

Since Frenchies are considered very dependable dogs, leaving them home alone might sound challenging. They are very attached to their owners and anxiety clothes can help them by providing a calming effect similar to swaddling a crying infant or hugging a distressed person.This jacket features a special stretchable fabric that wraps around the dog’s body. Many studies have shown that the pressure this French bulldog jacket makes helps in releasing the hormone of happiness called endorphin.dog anxiety jacket

How long can you keep Emotional Appeasing Clothes: Dog Anxiety Jacket on your Frenchie?

If you want to try the dog anxiety jacket on your Frenchie, you have to acclimate him to it by using it periodically. In other words, you should gradually increase the time of wearing, and to choose to wear it only during pleasant situations. That’s how the dog will connect the jacket with something that makes him happy.Continuous wear can reduce the beneficial effect, so your Frenchie should wear it during stressful situations. The duration of wearing can depend on the situation. So, if you’ve noticed that your batpig becomes anxious during traveling, fireworks, storm, or your absence, you can keep him wrapped during those situations.
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Why we love Dog Anxiety Jacket for French bulldogs?

  • Stretchable fabric
We adore this anxiety jacket because it’s made of pleasant, foamy, and stretchable fabric. It also compresses to fit snuggly around the dog’s chest and belly.
  • Easy to dress
The jacket features 2 velcros, so you’ll be able to dress your pooch in a minute. The size can be adjusted around the neck and belly, so you won’t have an issue with the size.
  • Skin-friendly fabric
The fabric is soft in touch and features padded edges. Besides, it allows the skin to breathe and won’t cause skin irritations in Frenchies who suffer from allergies.
  • Hand washable
This French bulldog jacket is easy to maintain and you can wash it in cold and soapy water. Tumble dry and machine washing are not recommended because they’ll affect the stretchability and shape.

Extra tips when using the French bulldog anxiety jacket

  • Observe your dog’s behavior while wearing a dog anxiety jacket
  • Gradually increase the time of wearing until you don’t make your Frenchie comfortable to wear it while you’re at work
  • Reward your pet when dressing him into this jacket because that’s how he’ll associate it with something pleasant
  • Dress your dog before the stressful situation starts. For example, before the fireworks start on New Year’s Eve, or when you see there’s a storm coming.
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