Summer Adventures French Bulldog Cooling Vest

As summer temperatures begin to rise, Frenchie owners should take certain measures to keep their dogs safe from heatstroke. Heatstroke in French bulldogs may include signs of discomfort such as drooling, reddened gums, vomiting, diarrhea, uncoordinated movement, and collapse. French bulldogs might be one of the best dogs for apartment-living conditions, but they’re not the best partners for outdoor adventures. That’s why you’ll need the help of Summer Adventures French Bulldog Cooling Vest to make your pooch pleasant in hot weather.

Why are French bulldogs on a higher tendency to suffer from heatstroke?

Not only Frenchies but also all other brachycephalic breeds are prone to overheating. It’s a life-threatening condition where a dog experience breathing difficulties and becomes incapable to regulate its body temperature. Since flat-skulled pooches have short airways, may have narrow nostrils, and elongated soft palates, they can’t sustain spending plenty of time outside in hot weather.

Besides providing your pooch with cooling baths and a shady place, you can also help him spend a peaceful summer by using cooling items. Besides wearing summer cooling collars, your Frenchie will require wearing cooling vests made of heat-resistance fabrics. They provide a protective layer against the sun and keep the dog safe from overheating. Since they should be worn wet, the dog gets a constant cooling effect while spending time outside.

Why we love Summer Adventures French Bulldog Cooling Vest?

  • Protects the heart region

This French bulldog cooling vest provides a cooling effect to the heart and chest region. This is essential to consider because Frenchies have short legs that put their bellies and chest closer to the ground. That’s why smaller dog breeds have problems maintaining their temperature.

  • Attractive design

You’ll adore the attractive design of the Summer Adventures French Bulldog Cooling Vest. It is available in three patterns that will make your pooch spotted on every corner.

  • Velcro closure

The size is easy to set thanks to adjustable Velcro closure on the dog’s back. You can also set the size of a neck circumference, so your pooch won’t feel uncomfortable during strolls.

  • Skin-friendly fabric

We all know that some Frenchies can show allergic reactions when wearing clothes of unpleasant fabrics. The good news is that this French bulldog cooling vest won’t make your dog uncomfortable or unpleasant because it’s soft, thin, and breathable.

  • How to use Summer Adventures French Bulldog Cooling Vest?

You should soak the vest in cold water, twist it dry, and dress your Frenchie. In case you want your dog to get a better cooling effect, then you can put the wet vest in the fridge before wearing it, for about 30 min. As the vest becomes dry, you can soak the vest in the water again.

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