French Bulldog Biker Jacket

You don’t have to dress your Frenchie into multiple layers to protect him/her from harsh weather conditions. Thanks to a warm inner layer and waterproof outer layer, your little gremlin can stay both warm and look incredibly cute wherever he paws in. French bulldog biker jacket is one of those winter essentials that is carefully designed to suit every inch of your dog’s body.

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Why you’re gonna love the French Bulldog Biker Jacket?

This French bulldog jacket is perfect for keeping your furry friend warm during the colder months. The faux fur on the inside of the jacket will keep your dog comfortable, while the artificial leather on the outside will protect them from the wind and rain. The outer layer is waterproof at the same time, so in case of rain, your pup’s coat will stay dry. And…you have to admit that it can be very exhausting to get your dog dry when you get back from outdoors.

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These are the features that this jacket offers to your furry gremlin:

  • Faux fur on the inside and outer layer is made of artificial nubuck leather. Thanks to this combination, your dog will get the ultimate protection against rain, wind, snow, and cold.
  • Attractive biker design puts your dog in the center of attention. It can be worn daily or on special occasions too. If you have a similar jacket, you can even wear a matching outfit with your pet.
  • A high collar with adjustable belts will protect your dog from cold and wind. You can set the size with belts and there’s also a cute engraved inscription (‘Lucky dog’) on the inner side of it.
  • The faux fur is extremely soft and silky which makes even dogs with sensitive skin comfortable too.
  • French bulldog biker jacket features zipper closure for quick and easy dressing when you’re on the go.
  • Dry cleaning only since it’s made of artificial nubuck leather.
  • Great winter outfit for taking photos and looking stylish at the same time.

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Why do French bulldogs need to wear jackets?

As an owner of this breed, you’ve probably become familiar with their tendency to suffer from hypothermia. Since this condition can be quite severe if you don’t take certain measures, dressing your dog in warm clothes can be one of the solutions for making him/her feel safe outdoors. Autumn and winter seasons can be quite tricky for these little gremlins. Believe it or not, they can even catch a cold if spend a prolonged time outdoors. French bulldogs simply can’t live outside due to their brachycephalic skulls which make them incapable to regulate their body heat. Besides, French bulldogs have short coats and short legs that keep their bellies close to the cold grounds. French bulldog’s coat is not only short. Unlike most other dog breeds, this breed has only one layer of fur.


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