Fox Dog Hoodie by Frenchie World

Taking Frenchies outside in cold weather is one of the biggest concerns for their owners. It’s because these cute gremlins are prone to hypothermia and need to wear an extra layer when going outside. Fox Dog Hoodie by Frenchie World is one of the cutest and warmest picks to make your dog snug.

Why we love Fox Dog Hoodie by Frenchie World?

Emblazoned with cute Fox heads, and available in three colors, this French bulldog hoodie is perfect for chilly and breezy days. It features a hood with a 3D fox head, and cute pom-pom made of faux fur. The fabric of a hood is fleece, so your little gremlin can wear it during windy weather.

Ribbed and elastic cuffs are another reason why we choose this hoodie for Frenchies. The cuffs prevent stretching and losing shape. They will keep the length of sleeves in the right place and won’t make a dog uncomfy during strolls.

The inner side of this French bulldog hoodie is soft, thermal, and serves to help a dog in maintaining his optimal body temperature.

The hoodie is decorated with cute foxes and the unisex pattern makes it suitable for both sexes. Since the vivid pattern can’t go unnoticed, your little gremlin will become spotted wherever appears.

How to choose the right dog hoodie for a Frenchie?

Depending on the season, you can choose a dog hoodie made of a lighter or thicker fabric. For the autumn and winter seasons, we suggest you choose hoodies made of materials that help in maintaining the dog’s optimal body temperature. These batpigs quickly lose heat and even spending 10 minutes outside can cause them trembling, shaking, legs rising, lose consciousness, and breathe heavily.

Another feature to look for when buying a French bulldog hoodie is to choose the right cut. Since Frenchies have round and stout bodies, they can’t wear every pick of clothing you find in a local pet store. French bulldog clothes should be wide in scope and should have the sleeves and the length of the back in the appropriate sizing. By choosing a bigger size of clothes, your dog can experience potty messes that won’t be so pleasant to clean.

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