Flower Tail French Bulldog Jumpsuit

The Spring season might be one of the most pleasant parts of the year when you can enjoy relaxing walks with your Frenchie. However, it’s also the time when you need to think about how to protect your Frenchie from environmental allergens and ease his allergic reactions. Fortunately, wearing clothes can help your pet a lot. Flower Tail French Bulldog Jumpsuit can become one of your dog’s favorite clothing pieces that can serve different occasions.

french bulldog jumpsuit

Why we love the Flower Tail French bulldog jumpsuit?

Adorable design

One of the things you’re gonna love about this French bulldog jumpsuit is the unique and cute design. The 3D flower tail is put to take everyone’s attention when going to walks. Besides, your pooch will also become curious to find out what’s that on the end of his back. Since he won’t be able to reach it, you’ll be the witness of the most hilarious scene of your life.

The pink color of the jumpsuit is emblazoned with a tulle skirt, which will turn your little Frenchie into the cutest four-legged princess of the neighborhood. Even though it’s made of striped cotton fabric, the tulle detail brings a dose of elegance, so your dog can wear it on special occasions too.

french bulldog jumpsuir

Pleasant fabric and cut

Since this French bulldog jumpsuit can serve as mechanical protection against seasonal pollen, dust, and mites, your dog can wear it daily. The cotton fabric will be the perfect choice for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. It’s elastic, breathable, so it can be worn on warm spring days too.

When your dog wears it, the fabric will keep the allergens away from his skin. When you get back from a walk, you can take the jumpsuit off and shake out the collected allergens.

Warm layer

The Flower Tail French bulldog jumpsuit can warm up your furry friend on those breezy and crispy days. Whether you’re going to spend plenty of time outside or just 20 minutes, your pooch should feel protected and comfortable during strolls.

french bulldog jumpsuit

Easy maintenance

You can wash this Frenchie jumpsuit in cold soapy water. Machine drying is not recommended because of the tulle and 3D flower tail detail.

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