Floral Summer Daisy Frenchie Tee

Frenchies hold special places in our hearts! They’re affectionate, witty, and always in the mood to brighten up our days. Besides these facts, we all love to see them wearing cute and trendy clothes that are specially made to fit their round and piggy bodies. Whatever a Frenchie wears, it will look incredibly cute and gorgeous. That’s why we want to represent you to Floral Summer Daisy Frenchie Tee that will make your furry princess ready for summer adventures.

Breathable and lightweight French bulldog shirts allow your furry friend to stay protected from harmful UV rays and look cool and trendy on any occasion. Although your little gremlin has fur, it doesn’t mean that he/she can’t get sunburns or allergic reactions to the sun. Unlike other four-legged friends, Frenchies don’t have undercoats that serve as protective layers against allergens, cold weather, and harmful sun rays. Therefore, wearing a warm coat or a hoodie during winter, and a lightweight or cooling vest during summer is priceless for your Frenchie.

Why you’re gonna love Floral Summer Daisy Frenchie Tee?

High-quality fabric

Made of cozy and stretchable cotton, this Frenchie tee will be a perfect pick for endless spring and summer adventures. If we take into account the French bulldog’s tendency to overheating, wearing clothes can save them from potential heatstroke. Even though it sounds weird, believe us, it’s true!

Clothes will keep your dog’s skin safe from hotness and protect it from irritations. This French bulldog shirt is also extremely lightweight and breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s comfort.

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Attractive design

Another reason why you’re gonna love Floral Summer Daisy Frenchie Tee is design. The tee is decorated with gorgeous daisy flowers and it’s available in two colors.

Easy maintenance

You can wash this Frenchie tee in a washing machine when it gets dirty. If you’re planning to use it as an item that will protect your pooch from allergens, then frequent washing will be essential.

The cut that suits Frenchies

Since French bulldogs have round and short bodies, they can’t wear clothes that fit most other dogs. However, Floral Summer Daisy Frenchie Tee is specially tailored to fit every inch on your Frenchie’s body.

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